Sunday, April 16, 2006

A beautiful Arizona morning

From 15 April 06

Success on two fronts. First, I gained a bit of distance on the fat man. My weight was down to 185 this morning. Not where I need to be, not the lowest it’s been since I started running away from the fat man, but much better than the 188 pounds I found myself at a week ago. Second, I completed my 9 mile run as planned. This was certainly a big moral booster. It’s hard to describe how I felt last week when I gave up on a run after less than 4 miles; I felt lousy. Saturday morning was different. Instead of hot and humid, I awoke to a beautiful morning in central Arizona with the temperature just above 65 degrees at 6 AM. The skies were clear with only a hint of dust left over from the 40 MPH winds the night before. Instead of trying an out and back course, I decided to run 3 loops over my usual 3 mile course. This course has a fun hill at the 2.5 mile mark with a gentle decent on the other side (less stressful on the knees). I set my watch for an 8:45 /m pace and took off. I completed the first loop in 26:12, the second in 26:00 and the third loop in 26:09. Overall average pace worked out to 8:42.

The first 2 miles were the toughest. I was having a hard time warming up in the cool morning air. My legs felt heavy and my running sluggish, but I was able to pick up the pace on the third mile (clocked at 8:37) and started feeling much more comfortable. 5 miles into the run, my right foot started to feel numb, which is another problem I’ve had of late. Fortunately, the feeling passed after a few more minutes and the body continued to function as it should.

I’m not ready for another ½ marathon, but at least I know I can stay on my feet for an hour and a half.

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