Sunday, April 30, 2006

East side agony

After yesterday’s encouraging 7 mile run along the trails on the west side of the Reach 11 Recreational area, I thought I’d check out the east side today. I learned a couple of things this morning. First, summer is just around the corner … the temperature was approaching 80 at 10 AM this morning and second, I am not in good enough shape to run 7 miles on two consecutive days.

The east side of the Reach 11 Recreational area runs from Tatum Blvd to Scottsdale road, hugging the north side of the Central Arizona Project canal. Total distance along the southern trail is just a hair over 4 miles one-way. After slathering on SPF 30 sun block, I took off from the trail-head at Tatum Blvd at a leisurely 9:00/m pace. My thought was to get a in a few miles, work on overall endurance, enjoy the scenery and hold off on any speed work until after I get back from the Grand Canyon on May 19th.

That was the plan. Reality was a bit different. After 3 miles, my hip flexors started to feel sore, so I slowed down a bit more. I finally gave up altogether at 3.5 miles and walked for a few minutes before picking up the pace again. Unlike yesterday, my heart rate was up over 140 even though my pace was at a crawl. After 4 or 5 minutes of walking, I ran the short distance to the trail-head at Princess Drive and Scottsdale Road. The 4 miles on the return didn’t go that well. I ran for a mile or so and walked for 5 minutes and repeated the process back to my car parked at the trail head on Tatum Blvd. I didn’t keep track of the total time for the return, but according to Mr. Garmin, I only ran 6.7 of the 8 mile course. That is a lot of walking. My mile splits were: 8:48, 8:54, 8:55, 9:10, 9:07 and 9:24 (yikes!),

Tomorrow I’ll back off and run a simple 3 mile loop in my neighborhood. I’ll see if I can extend my distance later in the week and perhaps do another long run this weekend. We’ll see.

Keep running

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