Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter in Tucson

I spent Easter Sunday in Tucson and couldn’t miss the chance to run through the campus of the University of Arizona. The campus stands in stark contrast to the rest of Tucson. The U of A is filled with shaded paths and majestic red brick buildings. Most days, there is very little traffic and at 7 AM on Sunday morning there was no traffic, either pedestrian or vehicular. After my 9 mile run on Friday, I had planned to take an easy 40 minute jog through the campus. Two steps after leaving the hotel near campus, I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere fast. Evidently, my body didn’t understand that we weren’t racing on Saturday. I felt about the same as day after my first (and only) ½ marathon. My legs felt leaden, thighs were sore, hips hurt, blah, blah, blah. In short, I was a mess. I immediately gave up on a paced run and reduced my pace from 8:30/mile to around 9:30/mile and forged ahead. Once I hit the campus, I forgot about my pace all together and simply enjoyed the run. I zig-zagged across the campus - up and down various paths and roads, not really worrying about where I was going, what pace I was maintaining (or not maintaining) or how far I would eventually run. In the end, I completed 3.7 miles in just over 34 minutes. A great start to a beautiful Easter day. Sometimes I just need to unplug and run.

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