Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weight moving back down

Today was much better. First, I weighed in at 186.5. This is a right direction! Second, it was a beautiful morning. Clear skies, no smog, temperature a very dry 75. … hard to beat. Since I got up late again, I adjusted my route a bit to avoid the significant traffic on the streets near my house. This extended my usual 3.1 mile run out to 4.1 miles with two significant hills in the last mile. The first hill is a low 40 foot hill climbing steadily over a ¼ mile and the second is a 70 foot climb over the last 3/10 miles. The 2nd hill becomes steeper as you approach the top, which means I have to keep pushing harder and harder at the end of the run to maintain my pace. My average pace for the morning was 8:25/mile. This was so much better than last Sunday when I crapped out after only 3.5 miles. Maybe I’m not a total slug after all.

No doubt about it, it is heating up in the Valley of the Sun. Today was the first day this year I had to close the windows in my office and turn on the air conditioning. I guess my comfort limit is somewhere between 91 (Wednesday's high) and 95 (today’s high temperature). It won’t be too long before I’ll need to complete my morning runs before the sun breaks over the McDowell Mountains. I better get to bed earlier tonight … just as soon as I finish my taxes.

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