Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The days after

I survived another attempt at the canyon and came through the experience suffering only two blisters on the right foot and one blister on my left foot. I took Saturday and Sunday off to give my toes a rest and started running again on Monday morning.

For some reason, the gods were smiling on central Arizona over the last two days and the morning temperatures have been blissfully cool. I got in a 3 mile run on Monday and a 5 mile run this morning. My toes were a bit tender for the first mile on Monday, but didn’t give me any trouble this morning.

I’m going to be out of town this weekend and will miss the first race of the Arizona Road Racer’s 5K summer series. This race is gender / age handicapped. Each gender / age class starts the race together delayed by a prescribed time after the gun goes off. Everyone gets to toe the line and take off together. This is the only race of the year where I get a chance to see the fast people as they blow by me in the first two miles. The course is very wide and provides able room to pass people all along the route. I was also looking forward to running in this event to see if any of this increased aerobic training is doing me any good. I know I feel much better and feel like I’m running stronger, but I won’t really know until the adrenaline kicks in during a race.

Training for the week:

Sun: Rest (actually – toe recovery)
Mon: 3.3 M Easy – 9:08 Pace
Tue: 5.0 M Easy – 9:15 Pace

Keep Running

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