Thursday, May 18, 2006

Grand Canyon - minus 1

Just one more day until my assault on the Grand Canyon. Of course, my experience in the canyon tells me that it will be more like the Grand Canyon's assault on me. The high temperature at the rim is expected to be 80 degrees () on Friday, which means it will be approaching 100 at the bottom.

I always enjoy the National Foreset Services dire warnings (as in the picture to the left) concerning Rim to Rim day hikes. They do pull a lot of people out of the canyon who take a stroll down to the Colorado River and then can't make the 5000' climb out. Fortunately, I don't look anything like the guy in the picture and I usually don't hike bare chested wearing only a pair of tight jeans. However, I will post again on Saturday and let you know if I did any better than this fellow.

Total Training for the week (Sunday through Thursday)

Sun: 3.36 Miles - Easy - 8:55/m pace
Mon: 4.56 Miles - Esay - 9:01/m pace
Tue: 3.35 Miles - Easy - 9:02/m pace
Wed: 3.38 Miles - Easy - 8:53/m pace
Thu: 4.97 Miles - Easy - 8:51/m pace

I am not doing very well keeping to my 9:30/m pace goal. The legs feel good, although my right calf cramped last night and woke me up (felt reaaaaal good). Stretched a bit this morning after my run. I have a "long" run scheduled for Saturday. I'll have to see how I feel on Saturday morning before I commit to running it.

Keep running

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Ann Ewbank said...

Hope you are safe and sound in the GC!