Monday, May 15, 2006

Grand Canyon - minus 4

This Friday at this same time, I'll be dragging my sorry butt out of the Grand Canyon. Although I know several people in this group, this will be the first time I've hiked with all of them. We are planning to take the easiest route across the canyon: the North Kaibab trail south to the Colorado River (5,850 feet down along 14.2 miles of trail); cross the river and hike out on the Bright Angel Trail (9.6 Miles and 4,460 feet up). I'm planning to use this as a cross training experience and won't be pushing too hard.

Today's Training: 4.56 Miles @ 9:01 Pace - I'm still pushing a bit harder than I need to at this point in my training.

Keep running


StumbleGuy said...


Strange co-incidences of a very minor kind - considering we would never have communicated without blogspace. GC is where I proposed to my wife in 1992.

Wish I'd had time to hike down, rather than cruise round the top!


Phil said...


The GC is great place for a proposal. If you ever get the chance, you need to come back and at least take a day hike to river. There is nothing like hiking through the canyon. It is BIG beyond belief and the hike out is relentless. The route I will taking isn't my favorite, but it is the easiest. If the weather is good, I should come back with plenty of pictures.


Duncan Larkin said...

Phil, you are so lucky to even have the opportunity to hike the canyon. The closest I can get to it is watching the Brady Bunch episode where Bobby hides the hot dogs in the flashlight for the Native American kid that runs away. Thanks for the link to my blog and happy trails, runs, etc...