Thursday, May 25, 2006

Making progress

The fundamental change to my training regime seems to be working. For the past 3 days I’ve run 5 miles a day at about a 9:00/m pace with no ill health effects. In the past, I could have never run back to back 5 mile days without something hurting. The biggest factor appears to be the more relaxed pace. I use to get so worked up about keeping my “easy” pace under 8:45/m. But I think all I was doing was hurting myself.

I also got a bit of good news on the bathroom scale this morning. I hadn’t wanted to bring this up if it was a fluke, but I’ve weighed in every morning since Monday UNDER 180 pounds. I was a solid 177 this morning. I think I can safely say that I weigh less than 180. Not much less mind you, but still less than 180. I haven’t been under 180 for over a year. Perhaps the fat man is really fading away. I now feel as if I have a fighting chance to get under 170 pounds.

I know it can be done, My younger brother managed to drop his weight from 200 to 160 over the course of the past year mainly through bike riding, less beer consumption, and cutting back on the fried foods. I’m very proud of him leading the way for me.

Finally today, I found a couple of cool web based calculators over the last couple of days (yes, I do do some research between posts).

The first is a really cool “ideal” pace calculator from McMillan Running. Enter your desired race time for a 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, marathon etc. and it will compute the ideal pace range for up-tempo, easy, long run, and so on. It will also compute your best equivalent pace for any race based on your performance in another distance event. This is pretty cool when trying to design a running program for yourself.

The second site is a simple Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. There are a ton of these on the web; however, this one also provides your weight percentile. For example, at 6’ tall and 178 pounds, I’m heavier than 24% of men 50-60 years old. I don’t know what this means, but it does tell me that I can drive my weight much lower if 24% of the guys my age in this vastly overweight nation are lighter than I.

Keep Running


Sun: Rest (actually – toe recovery)
Mon: 3.3 M Easy – 9:08 Pace
Tue: 5.0 M Easy – 9:15 Pace
Wed: 5.0 M Easy - 9:00 Pace
Thr: 5.0 M Easy - 9:08 Pace


Ann Ewbank said...

Congrats on getting your weight down this week and being injury free! Don't hurt yourself on that 5k now!

Amy said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Thanks for posting to my blog. I always wonder if people out there are reading it, of if it's just the same 5 people! :) Have a great running week!