Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another day in the neighborhood

This morning started the same as any other easy day of running. My ankles were a bit sore last night and I was up way to late waiting for my youngest daughter to get home from a movie, so I had decided to forgo the 7 mile run I had scheduled and take an easy 6 mile repeat ... same as yesterday. For some reasons, plans changed 1/2 mile into run. Instead of heading south at the first major intersection to avoid the light, I turned north, crossed the street (sort of like the chicken) and head east. By the time I got back to the house, I had managed to cover 8.3 miles.

No much happened along the way, with the exception of some idiot in an SUV honking his horn at me as I cross a minor street in the cross walk. This cretin waited until he passed behind me to honk his horn for maximum effect. In addition, I had to dodge an assortment of cars turning right off of side streets who don't believe that it is necessary to look to the their right before turning right.


I've never understood this logic. You are accelerating your car into a space that you assume is empty after you've been staring to the left for a minute or more waiting for a break in the traffic. What could ever go wrong with this situation? Is it possible that a pedestrian, bicycle, or other car could be coming? Apparently not. We need to get a few more of these folks out of their cars and onto the streets.


Keep running

Training for the week

Sun - 7.0 miles, easy, 9:06/mi pace
Mon - 6.2 miles, easy, 9:12/mi pace
Tue - 8.3 miles, easy, 9:12/mi pace


Runner Chic said...


I also had a near miss by some crazy guy driving this past weekend. Why are you pushing the gas while trying to look for something in the floor of your car?? I jumped to the grass and still he came at me. Finally when he noticed he just did a pleasant wave as if to say hello my new friend. I thought .... YOU JERK.... WATCH WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! What happened to being aware of others on the road.

Be careful out there. Great job on the milage. Remember to be careful of increasing too fast.

I am such a mother.


carmen said...

Gosh, I swear Phoenix drivers are among the most inconsiderate and rudest in this country! That's a major reason why I stick to residential areas where traffic is lighter.

8.3 is a long ways! I like reading how you gauge easy runs as 9:10-ish runs. hehe That's pretty fast to me!

Phil said...

Carmen .. speed is all relative. I use to make a big deal out going way to fast and always forced myself to run "easy" runs under 8:30. The trouble is, an 8:30 easy pace would be good for someone capable of running a 10k at a 6:30 to 7:00 minute mile pace. I'm nowhere near that mark. Consequently, I found myself stuck in an infinite loop of 48 minute 10ks year after year.

After reading Mike's blog for a few weeks, I realized I was pushing myself way to hard and slowed down to whatever pace was comfortable for the day. Some days I run 9:20, other days are 9:30, this morning was a bit faster. The only time I pay attention to pace is during up-tempo runs and intervals. Otherwise, I just cruise along and enjoy my runs. So don't be too impressed with 9:12. I'm sure you'll be crushing my best times within a year or two (and maybe sooner)


Phil said...

Robin .. thanks for the comments. I try to follow the general 10% rule when increasing mileage. I've been keeping up with a 40 to 45 mile week schedule for 5 weeks now (including the week I hiked across the Grand Canyon and I've slowly worked my long run up from 6 miles to 12 miles over the past 8 weeks, so I wasn't too suprised that I finished this 8 mile run without issue. I still had a bit left in the tank. I know I couldn't have done it 3 months ago.

And thanks again for the calorie tips. I tried eating more during the day today and wasn't famished by the time I got to dinner. Now if I step on the scale in the morning and find that I'm 180 lbs, you'll be able to hear me from South Carolina:)


Thomas said...

You're doing a great job on the overall mileage, but what's missing are the long runs (like 17 miles or so). They would really boost your fitness; you could drop the odd mile from your other runs, and still gain more. Don't think you couldn't handle those runs. Build up gradually and you will be fine.

Apart from that minor thing, I'd say the fat guy doesn't stand a chance.

Phil said...

Thomas .. thanks for the comments. I agree. I still have a lot of room for improvement in my long run. Over the past 2 months, I've worked my up to 12 miles from 6. It'll take a bit more time to get up to 17+. You need to keep in mind that it's getting a tad warm out here in central Arizona. At the moment (7:30 AM), the temperature is already 84 (29c) after a morning low of 80 (27 c).

17 miles at my easy pace would take upwards of 2:45 and that's a lot of time for me to be running in heat. I'll get there, but it may take a few more months. I've got nothing but time.

I hope your kids are feeling better