Friday, June 16, 2006

Another easy day

Boy was I happy this morning. After my Ice Station Zebra incident yesterday, I was a bit worried that my right knee would be stiff this morning ... but that wasn't the case. All systems were GO and I hit road a little bit before 5:00 AM.

Random Thought: There are way too many cars out at this hour of the morning. In a civilized community one would expect to be able to get a bit of peace and quit at this time in the morning; but I fear that 5:00 AM is become the new 6:00 AM around here.

I modified my course a bit this morning to extend it out beyond 6 miles and take a quick run by the local High School. Wild Iris had suggested that I use a local running track for interval training. As I expected, the track was locked up as tight as can be. I guess that I'll stick with the treadmills at LA Fitness for interval training in the near future.

Nothing too remarkable occurred over the 6.6 mile run. Although my entire right leg shuddered as I was nearing 2 miles. It felt as if all the muscles in the leg flexed at the same time. Fortunately, this only lasted a moment and didn't repeat.

I've got a long run scheduled for tomorrow. I'll try to get up over 10 miles for the first time. If I get out to the trail-head before 5 AM I should be ok .. this will give me at least 20 minutes of running before the sun comes up. It was only 78 degrees at 5 AM this morning and had only reached 82 by 7:30. I suspect tomorrow will be much the same.

Keep running,

Training for the week:

Sun – 7.4 Miles, easy, 9:18/mi pace
Mon – 6.1 Miles, easy, 9:22/mi pace
Tue - 6.1 Miles, easy, 9:18/mi pace
Wed - 5.0 Miles, Speed Interval, 9:02/mi pace
Thr - Rest day
Fri - 6.6 Miles, easy, 9:21/mi pace


Runner Chic said...

I new to this blogging thing so here goes...

I have been running three years and finally have taken the needed steps to begin true training.

One point - don't over ice!! You can cause more injury than you began with. Also - are you also cross training? It has saved me from repeated problems from past running mistakes. Too many running days in a row can set you up for possible problems further down the road.

Enjoying your post!


Phil said...

Robin .. where you yesterday? :) ... It was pretty dumb to put the ice on and start a Staff Meeting. I've done dumber things, but this was probably my number 1 mistake this month.

I notionally cross-train. I spent 45 minutes on an eliptical trainer this week. I hiked across the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, and I walk by my mountain bike every day. In otherwords, I don't really do anything besides run. I do know better, but your comments sort of give me the kick in the pants I need to do something different every now and again.

Thanks for the comments.

I was reading your blog this morning. I like your writing sytle, but I was wondering why you had so many blogs. Looks like you're setting up a new blog for each subject. Let me know if you need some help. Any of the 10 bizillion folks with a blog will more than happy to help you with the mechanics.

Thanks again,


Mike said...

As long as we're dishing out advice...

With that cool Garmin of yours you don't have to do the fast stuff on the 'mill if you can't find a track. I'm not a fan of treadmill running, and Eric is an example of why. He's goofed up his legs pretty good by letting the belt do half of the work for about 1000 miles this past winter. I think speedwork is as much about building strength as it is about speed, and the belt moving under you ends up doing some of the work your stabilizing muscles should be doing (around the calves and lower quads). Nothing wrong with fast strides on grass to start (if you can find some around the school). Just a thought, I don't want to hear about you getting injured.

Phil said...

Mike .. great suggestion. I don't have a school with grass nearby, but I do have a couple of grassy parks within 2 miles that will do. And thanks for the link to Eric's blog. I'll stop complaining about my minor aches and pains and stop using treadmills unles I'm on the road and the weather is lousy (I travel to some nasty places).

I've finally laid out a racing schedule for the rest of the year so I can start to focus my training on specific gaols. I'm also reading Jeff Gallaway's 1984 book on running. Although not written as wellas your blog, it basically makes the same points. 1) Build up your base through slow aerobic runs including long runs every week; 2)work on strength with hills; 3) progress to speed through interval training and up-tempo runs.

I appreciate your comments and get a kick out of reading about your kids. My youngest is 14, so it's certainly a walk down memory lane reading about yours.