Sunday, June 25, 2006

An easy week

After 4 solid weeks of 40+ miles, I'm turning down the gain this week to get ready for a 5k next weekend. I cut my easy Sunday run down from 7.2 miles to 5.0 miles this morning and will keep my easy runs at 5.0 miles for the rest of the week. I also have another 4x800 session planned for Wednesday; however, I'll be in South Bend Indiana on Wednesday and an have yet to figure out how I'll get this in using the local facilities.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get up this morning and run at all. The last time I ran a 1/2 marathon distance, I didn't run again for 5 days. I think this increased mileage program is really helping my general fitness.

Unfortunately, I don't have a long race scheduled until September when I'll run the Jerome Hill Climb . This race is run approximately 5 miles up-hill along Forest Service roads on Mingus mountain. Although not all that long a run, the constant grind of running up hill really kicks you in the butt. Once you finish this race, there is beer, water, gatoraide, beer, bagels, bananas, etc to enjoy at the top of the hill. You then get to run back down the hill to the parking lot. I recommend this race for anyone who just wants to have a great time on a physically challenging course. Since the course distance isn't any standard distance and it appears that the course is changing a bit this year, there isn't any opportunity for a PR so to speak. You only need to survive it.

Keep running


Training for the week

Sun - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace


Shane (mississip) said...

I can't even imagine running 45 miles in a week but I guess it is coming one day!

I may have missed this but do you have a time goal for the 5K?


Runner Chic said...


I love how you mentioned beer twice in your list of post race refreshments.

Great job for your mileage this past week!!! You just keep getting better and better. Any marathons in sight for your future? Here is a great website if you are on the search for one / . Sounds like you would do fine with the training. Have you added any core or cross training to your weekly training? This will help you prevent possible injury as well as building strength.


carmen said...

Hey Phil, I'm following your guidance on tapering for the race as well. I'm curious as to where you will be training for the Jerome Hill Climb. Piestewa Peak?

I'm in need of some suggestions of where to run where there are hills. I've been here for 6 years and have never really gone out to explore except for the usual trails everyone goes to.

Good luck going into this week!I'm already looking forward to your time. lol

Amy said...

Good luck this week!

I think I'm just having running withdrawals, but running up that hill actually looks like FUN!!!!

Again, good luck, kick butt, and have fun! Oh, and make sure you get your two beers!

Phil said...

Shane ... with a little more work, you'll be up to 40+ miles. Just keep increasing you mileage 10% per week, keep your easy pace slow, and stick with the program. You'll be there in no time. Something amazing will happen to you when you get to the point when 5 miles seems like a short jog.

I don't really have a 5k goal. I'm not very fast, so I'll never do very well at this distance. I just use them as training runs. 5k is a nice distance to work on pace. Plus, with the morning lows in Phoenix well over 80 it's way to hot to try for any records. Most of us just go out and have a good time with these summer races in the Valley of the Sun.

I do have goals however. I'm trying to get my 10k time down under 45 and my 1/2 marathon time below 1:45.

3 years ago I ran a special 10k on a day when the stars and planets aligned perfectly. I managed to run the first 5 miles at a nice steady 7:00/mi pace. On the 6th mile I felt as if someone had attached a 40 lb weight to my lower spin that was pulling me backwards. I finished in 45:22 and I haven't come close since. I've floated along running 47 or 48 minute 10ks year after year with no improvement. I don't know if I'll get there this year, but I'm sure enjoying the ride.


Phil said...


Thanks for the web site reference. Until I started blogging, I hadn't really thought myself capable of running marathon. I ran one 1/2 marathon this past February and couldn't run for a week afterwards. At that time, I was only running 3 miles a day 4 to 5 days a week and can't believe I actually got around the course in one piece with doing any serious damage.

This year feels different, you all have given me the courage to at least consider attempting a marathon. If I can keep my mileage up and get my long run up to the 18 mile range I think I should be able to do a marathon.

Thanks again for your comments.


Phil said...

Hi Carmen ... I left some hill run sugestions on your blog earlier today. Unfortunately, most of the suggestions were in North Phoenix.

I haven't a clue how this weekend will go. I'm running this reace without my Garmin (actually, I'll have the Garmin on, but I'll have the custom page set to meaningless info) In otherwords, I won't fret about my time or pace until I see the clock at the finish line. My objective will be to hold a nice steady pace and go with how I feel. I think the course is slightly up hill on the outbound, so I'll try not to burn out on the the first mile.

Best of luck running this week. I'm running a 4x800 series in the morning then heading for South Bend for a few days.