Friday, June 02, 2006

Fountain Drinks

Faithful readers,

Sorry about the delay in posting. It has been a busy week. My wife and I were awoken on Wednesday morning at 3:00 AM by the doorbell ringing. We had been tee pee’d. For my friends in Europe, Tee Peeing is the art of wrapping the landscape around someone’s house with toilet paper. Rolls and rolls of toilet paper. Toilet paper covering the trees. Toilet paper covering the bushes, Toilet paper everywhere. I’m sure it was my 18 year old daughter’s friends, since she just graduated from High School last week.

I would have left the mess to clean up until the morning; however, they also dumped toilet paper in my fountain. The fountain’s pump can’t deal with toilet paper. All I could imagine was having to pull the pump out the ground (it’s buried to right of the fountain), tear it apart, clean it up and reassemble. It was far easier to drag my butt out of bed and clean up the fountain in the middle of the night. Fortunately, it was a nice night. Clear skies, light wind, temperature in the high 70’s and very quiet.

I crawled back into bed around 3:45 and waited for my alarm to go off at 4:50. Neither of my kids that are still living at home would admit that their friends would ever do such a thing, so I’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out who did it and plot my revenge.

Back to running! Running has been very good this week. Wednesday morning, after my brief interlude swimming in my fountain, I ran a nice and steady 5 miles around my usual course. Nothing fancy, felt great. I extended the course a bit to 7.6 miles and ran this in at average pace of 8:52/m.

This was a big milestone for me. It was the first time in my running career that I’ve run over 7 miles and didn’t call it a “long run”. Those of you training for and running marathons regularly may chuckle, but two months ago, I thought running 40 miles a week was unattainable for me. Two months ago I was banging out 3 miles day 5 days a week and running 6 to 8 miles on Saturday or Sunday. Two months later, my easy short runs are up to 5 miles and I’m running injury free (well at least no new injuries, if I could wave my magic wand and get ride of the arthritis in my left big toe life would be perfect).

Since I’ve been feeling so good, I decided to increase the tempo a bit this morning:

1.0 mile warm up – 9:00/m
2.5 mile Stamina Run - 8:18/m
0.5 mile cool down – 9:11/m

Not exactly burning up the pavement, but not bad for a Friday morning.

Total training for the week:

Sun: Easy – 5.5 Miles; 8:44/m pace
Mon: Easy – 6.7 Miles: 8:54/m pace
Tue: Hills – 5.75 Miles: 9:10/m pace
Wed: Easy – 5:0 Miles; 8:59/m pace
Thr: Easy – 7.6 Miles; 8:52/m pace
Fri: Tempo – 1 mile warm up, 2.5 mile; 8:18 pace, .5 mile cool down

Total Mileage for the week: 34.7 miles; 8:50/m pace

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