Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More 800s

Yesterday's 5 mile jaunt was totally uneventful; although, I did have another "Senior Moment". I forgot to start my watch. Since I've rid myself of the nasty habit of checking my pace every 3 or 4 seconds, I didn't realize the timer wasn't running until well after passing the 3 mile point. Of well.

Today I ran my second set of 800s, increasing the reps from 4 to 5. Unlike last week, there was someone else using the track at PVCC at 5:00 AM. I ran the warm up and cool down clockwise this morning to balance out the effect of constantly turning left.

Basic Workout:

1 mile warm up
5x800m @3:33 minutes w/400m recovery between intervals
1 mile cool down

My actual splits were better than goal:

1 - 3:28
2 - 3:31
3 - 3:29
4 - 3:30
5 - 3:32

Since I wasn't pucking at the end, I imagine I could have done one more, but didn't want to push it. I'll continue to add one rep per week until I get to 8.

Keep running


Training for the week:

Sun - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Mon - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Tue - 6.0 miles, 5x800,7:03/mi pace

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StumbleGuy said...

Hi Phil,

reply to your question on Atom feeds over at my blog (rather than clutter the place up here).

I wish I had a track close by to run on, just for the flat-ness.