Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Running in South Bend

I arrived in South Bend late last night after an uneventful flight from Phoenix to Minneapolis followed by a 2 hour lay over and a short hope from Minneapolis to South Bend. The weather here in South Bend this time of year is absolutely beautiful. At least it is to someone from central Arizona. The high temperatures are in the upper 70s, lows are in the upper 50s. Perfect running weather.

Since I ran my interval training a day early, on Tuesday, I mapped out an easy 5 mile loop through the countryside north of the city. I got up at 5:00 AM instead of 4:30 and it's a good thing I did. This part of Indiana goes on daylight savings time. Consequently 5:00 AM in South Bend is 2:00 AM in Phoenix. A second effect of daylight savings time is that it is seriously dark at 5:00 AM.

Since it was very dark, the night birds were chirping and the crickets were doing whatever it is that crickets do to make noise. In other words, it felt like 2:00 AM. After 3 miles, the sky started to lighten up fortunately and it was more or less light before I completed the circuit. Next time I'll wear my head lamp.

Ironically, after fretting about the lack of a track to run interval training, I stumbled upon Clay High School at the corner of Juniper and Darden. Unlike the High Schools in Phoenix, the track at this school was open to the public. So I could have stuck to my original schedule ... who knew.

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Training for the week:

Sun - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Mon - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Tue - 6.0 miles, 5x800,7:03/mi pace
Wed - 5.3 miles, easy, 9:28/mi pace


carmen said...

Funny how I managed to perk up after you mentioned crickets. My first experience as a student researcher in the biology dept had me working on cricket morphology. They have this barbedness on their hindlegs that they sometimes use to rub against their wing to make the chirping noise. Otherwise, they use their wings. and only the males chirp--to attract a potential mate.

So think of it this way...all the boys were up with you and cheering you on. lol

I'm such a nerd. I'm still wondering what species they are. hehe

How much longer will you be in South Bend? I hope you are enjoying your time.

Phil said...

Carmin .. there must have been a lot of lonely males out cruising on Wedndesday morning; they certainly were making a lot of racket.

South Bend is fine. I'm up here running process reviews, so I sit in a room asking pointed questions for 7 hours. Today should be less intense. I'll get out of South Bend Thursday afternoon.


Runner Chic said...


Running and traveling can be tough. Great job!! Way to wake up the earth below you.

I posted my assessment results. If you get a second I would love your thoughts.