Friday, June 23, 2006

Taking the car out for a drive

Running-wise, things went well this morning. There was a light cloud cover in the east that blocked the sun from immediately heating up the desert as the first rays peaked over the McDowell Mountains east of Scottsdale. No one tried to run me over, nor did any one pulled out in front of me without looking. I did have a stray boxer (canine variety) follow along with me for a mile or so, but otherwise, the 6.2 mile easy outing this morning was like most others. I couldn't face wearing my heart-rate monitor, so I took off and ran at what ever pace I felt like. I could hear the Garmin ticking off the miles, but I resisted the urged to look down at my pace and just did what felt right. Not surprisingly, I ran every mile between 9:05 and 9:11 with two 9:06s in a row. The last mile was under 9:00, but I usually speed up as I get closer to home. Average pace: 9:09. My last 3 easy runs between 6 and 7 miles have been 9:12, 9:12 and 9:07 ... so I think I've found my comfortable easy pace.

As uneventful as this morning was, this evening was just the opposite. Around 8 PM, I made a Starbucks run for my wife and daughter. When I got back, I pulled the car into the garage and was evidently distracted by the conversation I was having because I made three mistakes. 1) I left the car in neutral; 2) I didn't set the hand brake; 3) I didn't close the garage door. For some, forgetting to do any of these actions wouldn't be all that much of problem. However, I live on a hill. People living on hills with manual transmissions always, 1) leave their cars in gear; 2) set the hand brake; and 3) close the garage door. However, due to a Senior Moment, I forgot to do all three.

Several minutes after settling down upstairs, one of my dogs, whilst looking out the front window, starting barking wildly. This isn't that unusual for this dog. It yips at just about anybody walking by; but tonight, there was something different in his bark. There was more of a sense of urgency.

Of course, walking outside revealed the cause of his distress (pictures follow). My car had rolled backwards out of the garage, rolled down the driveway and out onto the street with the backend heading up the hill. It then reversed direction and plowed over a 4 inch wall around my driveway and got stuck on a rather large boulder in my yard. The left side of the front bumper got torn up a bit where it hit the rock, but the car just missed hitting a tree by one inch. I'm now sitting in my driveway waiting for a tow truck to come and get the car off the rock. I'll let you know the extent of the damage tomorrow after my long run on Saturday. I may have to run 100 miles to work my way through this one.


Training for the Week

Sun - 7.0 miles, easy, 9:06/mi pace
Mon - 6.2 miles, easy, 9:12/mi pace
Tue - 8.3 miles, easy, 9:12/mi pace
Wed - 5.3 miles, 4x800, 7:19/mi pace
Thr - Rest Day
Fri - 6.2 miles, easy, 9:09/mi pace


Mike said...

Oh jeez, at least no one got hurt! I was eating at Rincon Market once with my brother and as I glanced out the window I saw his car rolling across a four lane street in front of us and come to rest in the parking lot of what was then a Christian Science Reading Room. In this casee not a scratch! Good luck getting out of this one.

Runner Chic said...

Starbucks for your wife... now that was sweet!! So glad that no one was hurt... even your car :-).