Saturday, July 15, 2006

7 Miles

5:00 AM, 93 Degrees ... Distance=7 miles, avg pace=9:18/mi; enough said (other than my dog throwing up a pair of panties on mile 3. What is it that makes dogs want to eat panties?)

Training for the week

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 7.0 miles, easy, 9:02/mi pace
Wed – 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:05/mi pace
Thr – 6.5 Miles, tempo, 4.5 Miles @ 7:39/mi pace + 2 mile WU/CD
Fri - 4.0 Miles, easy, 9:23/mi pace
Sat - 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:18/mi pace


Dusty said...

Your dog did what??

Looks like some good mileage this week!

Phil said...

My stupid dog eats panties (as in women’s underwear). In a house full of messy teenagers, we have plenty of them lying around. And dispute our insistence that the girls keep their cloths off the floor, the dog noshes on a pair every couple of months. Without getting too graphic, all I can say is that he usually works them through his system. This morning however, he coughed up a pair. It was sort of freaky. When he started hacking, I was very worried that he was getting violently ill. Once the event was over, he had much more of a bounce in his step and ran the other 4 miles without a problem.

Dusty said...

Maybe this is one of the reasons we were only allowed to have an outside dog. HAHA! I knew what they were, I just didn't know a dog could swallow that!

Okay - I looked it up. A while back, we were talking about hill workouts. I'm not sure how close you are to this, but I used to do repeats up Palo Christi Road (aka 36th Street). I was close - I knew there was a Christi in there. If you go to the SW corner of Lincoln & Palo Christi/36th St there is a parking lot - a church if memory serves. We would park there (enter from Palo Christi). You can run a mile or so to warm up south of Lincoln (where it is more flat). Then cross Lincoln and we would do repeats up the first portion. I don't even remember how many we used to do - maybe 15 or more? If you drive around in there, you will find lots of routes you can make up that will get you a hill workout... or heck, just run up Squaw Peak! haha!

Oh wait - I heard they changed the name of the mountain... does that mean they also changed the name of 51? It will always be the "shorter mountain" to me... my Dad would let me hike up the mountain with him.. the "big mountain" was Camelback - took a lot longer & I would bring my metal canteen from girl scouts - ha!

Phil said...

Dusty .. thanks for the input on the hills. The south side of Camelback is bit far from here, but, I appreciate the suggestion.

Sqauw Peak was remained Piestewa Peak, Squaw Peak park is now called “Phoenix Mountains Park” and I think that state route 51 was also renamed. I can’t recall. Most people now refer to that freeway as “The 51”.

The mountain is named after Lori Piestewa who was the first Native American women to be killed in combat three days into the Iraq war.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I'm glad I read the comments for the explanation on the panties. I was wondering where the dog got them from :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

Running Rabbit said...

WTF? Did I read ocrrecttly about your pooch? How in the world did that happen?