Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another morning in Carlsbad

Once again, it is 67 degrees with the marine layer obscuring the sun. You just can't beat this weather. Unfortunately, the 4 day weekend is over for a lot of folks and the roads are thick with cars once again. The last several days sure have been nice with minimum traffic.

Not much to report on the running front. I ran another 7 mile easy run this morning at a slightly better tempo than yesterday. My legs felt fine as the Garmin ticked off the miles. My big toe was a bit sore;. no real pain though, it just let me know it was along for the ride. Perhaps in the end, my bad toe will turn into a blessing. It certainly makes me pay attention to my pace and regulates the distance I'm willing to run. Without it, I might be tempted to increase my mileage too fast and get myself hurt..

I used the same course as yesterday to ensure I could make it across the San Diego Freeway without getting killed. It isn't a lot of fun running across the mouth of a Freeway on-ramp nor the exit ramp as people frantically try to get to work. The last thing they expect to see is a runner.

I also apologize if I haven't answered your comments promptly.  I can't post comments on any Blog (including mine)that uses Word Verification with my Black Berry.  I've managed to answer a few of you using someone elses PC, unfortunately, that PC just left for Los Angeles with its owner, so I'll be even less responsive over the next several days.

Keep running and keep writing. I hope you all have a great week.


Training for the Week:

Mon - 7.5, easy, 9:22/mi pace
Tue - 7.0, easy, 8:57/mi pace
Wed - 7.1, easy, 8:49/mi pace



Dusty said...

I'm impressed with your optimistic views with the toe. It is easy to get down about injuries, glad you aren't letting it get the best of you. Sounds like you are still able to get some good distance in as well.

Are you training for anything special? I'm envious of your weather - sounds like nice relaxing runs over the 4 days. Be careful out there with the crazy California drivers ;)

Phil said...

Hi Dusty … thanks for the kind comments. The toe isn’t really that big a deal. After years of misdiagnosis by my GP, I finally went to a sports orthopedic surgeon to figure out why I was having chronic pain in the big toe on the left foot. The diagnosis was fairly simple. I’ve got osteoarthritis in the joint. There is no visible cartilage left in the joint, plus there are extensive bone spurs along the top of the joint, which makes it a bit painful to have pressure applied to the top of the toe. Fortunately, he didn’t tell me to stop running. In fact, he didn’t tell me to stop running because the health benefits of someone my age participating in this sport far outweigh the consequences of continuing.

The pain while running isn’t that acute, more of a dull ache that usually starts up after 3 or 4 miles each morning. It never gets bad enough to force me to stop moving, but I do worry and take on each additional mile slowly. This helps overcome the macho-idiot syndrome many of my species (aka males) suffer. I’ve been controlling the pain with Ibuprofen, but I really need to switch to Tylenol. I also have a prescription for Celebrex, but I’m reluctant to move to such a power pain reliever at this point.

As for the positive attitude, I don’t really have a choice. I’m not going to stop running. I’m in better shape than I’ve been since I was 18 and plan to stay this way. Other sports, including cycling and swimming, just don’t do it for me the way running does. In addition, the comradery (sp?) in running community is a tremendous motivator.

Training Goals: I’ve got three objectives for the next 12 months.

1) I want to get my 10k time below 45 minutes. I came very close 5 years ago when the stars and planets all aligned and I ran a 45:20, but it was fluke. I haven’t come close since and the next fastest time I’d run before that race was 47 and change. I couldn’t move for a week after. I was only running 25 miles a week and doing a bit of speed work once a week. I just wasn’t doing the work necessary to run that fast.

2) My second goal is to run a ½ marathon in under 1:45:00. I’ve done 1:50 on a hilly course, but again, felt like crap for a week afterwards. I latched onto a 30 something female on mile 9 or so who dragged my sorry butt toward the finish line. Without her, my time would have been closer to 1:52. Again, I didn’t have the base under me to run as fast as did on that day. I know I can do better

3) I need to complete a marathon. I’ve got my sights set on the Carlsbad Marathon in late January 2007. I know this race will be a kick in the head regardless of how good of shape I’m in, but I want to get one under my belt before I’ve forced to do something about the toe.

Thomas said...

Be very careful with taking painkillers while running. They could end up masking a pain that you would be better off noticing.

Of course, that's easy to say for someone without a chronic toe injury.

Ann Ewbank said...

don't get Blackberry thumb to go with your arthritic toe!

Dusty said...

Sounds like you have some really good goals. As far as your toe... not sure if this would help, but have you tried taking glucosomine? Boot camp is a lot of pounding and a couple of my buddies there are right at 50 (I want to look like them when I grow up -- maybe 15% body fat - amazing!) Anyway, they have joint pain and take glucosomine. I have taken it sometimes as well and notice I don't ache (and now that I think about it, I don't feel the broken bone in my foot then either). Anyway - worth a shot if it is cartilage -- you should take a look at the bottles and see if what it says might help.

Well, it sounds like you are very close to the 1/2 marathon - 5 minutes over 13 miles - and with hills. The 10K as well - have you tried running without a watch - sometimes it makes you run faster. I was oblivious of the time when I've made some big decreases in PRs. I think we sometimes feel tired when we see the numbers.

The marathon sounds great -- I've never done one. I promised an old friend that I would wait until I was at least 25 to run one because of the extreme pounding. I got my injury before I turned 25. I trusted him -- anyone who can beat Bill Rogers in a marathon must know something (back around '89). I would love to do one - but wow... racing 26.2 miles... you all have my admiration for the guts it takes to stand on the starting line for that! Your training in Carlsbad must be helpful for the race. Are you just there on business?

Phil said...

Dusty ... I started taking glucosomine 2 months ago when I finally got diagnosed correctly. I think it's helping, or at least it isn't hurting the situation.

Your watch suggestion is spot on! Mike gave me the same suggestion before my last 5K. Getting unplugged and just running to however my legs (and lungs) felt was correct really worked great. I don't know if I'm ready to do this with a 1/2 marathon since one will pay dearly for going out too fast, but I'm going watchless for anything under 10 miles in the future.

I'm in Carlsbad on vacation. My sister-in-law has an apartment in Carlsbad a mile from the coast.

Thomas .. Thanks for your comments on the pain killers. I try not to over use them .. my doctor did prescribe more powerful perscription pain relievers which I do not use. Chronic pain is interesting. Since this condition is perminent (or maybe not if the glucosomine really works), I need to figure out how to live with it.

Ann ... blogging with a black berry is an exercise in futility. You can eMail posts to your own site (which I have done all week), but can't respond to any comments if the site uses Word Verification (the BB can't see the Word Graphic, nor can it hear the handicapped feature). Unfortunately, I'm pretty fast with my thumbs. I get way too much practice. I found borrowed a PC from a friend tonight and found a wireless router in building to "borrow" an IP address and managed to keep a signal long enough to get a posts in.