Thursday, July 20, 2006

Erratic Drivers

With the cicadas in full song, I took off on an easy 5 mile run this morning just before 5:00 AM. Although on the road for considerably less time than usual, I did manage to have a near death experience. Running along in the bike lane on mile 2 on a less traveled street I looked up to see a smallish black BMW accelerating and swerving into bike lane 50 yards in front of me. At first, I thought it was yet another redneck driver playing chicken; but, just before I jumped out of the way, I realized that the driver didn’t have a clue what was going on, nor did they understand that their car wasn’t suppose to be driving in the narrow lane reserved for our use. Something about the way I jumped to the left must have woken up driver, who then swerved back into the car lane. So although I run along two of the busier streets in north Phoenix without a problem, it’s along a smaller street that someone tries to terminate me. Go figure.

The rest of the run was uneventful. I finished the 5th mile strong with an 8:38. Overall average pace was 9:05; slightly slower than my 9:03 goal, but still ok considering the temperature was well over 90.

Tomorrow is a rest day in preparation for a 5K on Saturday. So I’ll probably not post again until Saturday afternoon. But I'll do my best to keep up with the rest of your blogs.

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angie's pink fuzzy said...

scary! glad you are ok.

last saturday, a cactus wren came over to our mesquite tree. the cicadas shut up for the entire day. so we had to listen to the loud "yack-yack-yack" of the bird, but that was better than the mind-numbing "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" of the cicadas! :)

Dusty said...

Hey Phil – be careful out there! Wonder if they were awake yet??

OK – been trying to post all day, was crazy. You were talking about the Phx streets on the last post. I actually know why it is like this. We had to study this in history and I always thought it was interesting. It was for the land rush. They were broken up into 1 mile square townships. Everything was marked off – I believe it was 4 mile squares, with 1 mile squares inside of them and then everyone made the rush for their section. The cowboys did this on horseback and legend is that they were a bit drunk – hence the corrections you see along Baseline Road. For those that don’t know – Baseline Road is where the markings started from, but if you try to go strait down a North-South road, say 7th Street past Baseline, you have to take a quick turn onto baseline then turn back on to 7th for the correction. They also used to refer to the North South streets as Longitude… 19 Longitude is now 19th Avenue. That was changed less than 50 years ago, one of my Dad’s friends every once in a while would still refer to it that way.

I loved it because it was easy to determine the length of a run – especially before we all had our own Garmin! My Dad had (probably still does) a cheat sheet for the distance of canals in his wallet. Those were hard to come by!

Good luck in the race Saturday! Hope you are able to stay cool – I’ll wish for an overcast day for you!

Phil said...

Dusty ... thanks for the history lesson. I've lived here for 26 years and didn't know the origin although I did know that Baseline was so named because it was the baseline. Folks who don't know Phoenix probably wonder why my recent runs are in exact miles .... for my basic 5 mile loop, I walk to a "mile street" run west for about 1/2 mile, head south to 1/2 street. Turn east and run 2.5 miles, turn north for 1/2 mile and then 2 miles straight west to the spot I started. My Garmin always beeps within 20 feet of the spot I started 5 miles earlier. To get to 8 miles I only need to cut a 3 mile loop inside of the 5 mile loop. Real simple.

Angie ... I didn't know there was anything that would get the cicadas to shut up! Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Robb said...

Hi Phil, thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your thoughts. Wow, it sure gets hot where you live. I struggle when the temp tops 20 C or 68 F. Take care.

Feminist Runner said...

Wow, that's terrifying. Drivers play chicken all too often and it's nuts enough. But when people are just plain asleep, that's really bad.
Take care in the heat!

Dusty said...

I'm a wealth of useless knowledge. Always nice when it is interesting to others. hee hee! Good luck tomorrow!

carmen said...

Phil--Good luck in the race tomorrow. :) The weather seems like it is cooling down further which makes it more likely for you to set another PR even if by a few seconds.

Oh man, you gotta love those cicadas. I know most people are annoyed by the constant bzzzzzz but it's actually calming for me. On the rez, we have similar bzzzzz makers when I was young and used to help my cousin herd sheep. In the summertime, locusts would congregate and bzzzzzz but it was a more annoying type of buzz.

Maybe that's why I love the little buggers we have here. They remind me of sheep herding experiences. :)