Sunday, July 16, 2006

Longer Longs

This morning, I had planned to run 14 miles, but I managed to extend my long run out to 15 miles instead. I started at 5:00 AM and ran three 5 mile loops in the area around my house. I stashed a large jug of water along the route so I could get a drink every 5 miles or so and I left the dog at home.

There wasn’t hardly anyone on the roads this morning, just me plodding around the streets of Phoenix in the bike lane with the birds chirping away waiting for the sun of come up over the horizon. I managed to get the first 5 miles in before the sun came up; for this, I was thankful. A bit more traffic and a few bicycles were whizzing by on the second 5 mile loop, but overall, things were still pretty quiet. My legs felt good other than a twinge or two in my left knee and an occasional complaint from my gluts.

By mile 11, I convinced myself that I could make it all the way around the 3rd lap for 15 miles instead of cutting things short and stopping at the planned 14. A mile later however, this plan was looking a bit dim. Running east into the sun I started to drag, catching the toe of my shoe on the asphalt several times.

At the start of mile 13 I ate my emergency gel pack (orange … sort of like eating flavored Elmer’s Glue) and decided to hang on as best I could. I looked down at my Garmin after I tucked the now empty Gel Pack into my shorts; my average lap pace was 10:03/mi. So at worst, I had only 30 minutes of fun remaining.

As I continued along on mile 13 the tiredness started leaving my body and my stride became a lot stronger. The Garmin beeped indicating the start of mile 14; two miles to go. The start of mile 14 is a slight up-hill, but my pace seemed to be getting stronger on each steep. I looked down at the Garmin as I passed the end of mile 14; I completed mile it in 9:10.

The last mile has a significant hill at the half way point with a light half way up. I pounded my way up the hill to ensure I got through the light while it was green. As I crested the hill, I took another look at the Garmin: average lap pace: 8:58. I gave it all I had for the last ½ mile and finished up the 15th mile in 8:29. Not too bad considering the average pace for the entire 15 miles was 9:30/mi.

I have a 5k race planned for next Saturday, so next week will be a relatively easy week, probably limited to 6 or 7 miles a day with no speed day. The National Weather Service is predicting slightly lower temperatures with the morning lows around 87 or 88, so perhaps I won't bonk mid-week as I've done on the past two weeks.

I hope you all have a great week and look forward to reading your blogs.

Keep running

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 7.0 miles, easy, 9:02/mi pace
Wed – 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:05/mi pace
Thr – 6.5 Miles, tempo, 4.5 Miles @ 7:39/mi pace + 2 mile WU/CD
Fri - 4.0 Miles, easy, 9:23/mi pace
Sat - 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:18/mi pace
Sun – 15.0 Miles, long, 9:30/mi pace

Total Mileage for the week: 46.5


Dusty said...

Good job! Way to get those last miles in faster. I've never tried a gel pack, they don't sound appetizing. Do they help? That is a good idea about the water. I'm noticing there are not many areas to stop for water in my neighborhood. Thankfully I'm not running that far yet.

Phil said...

Dusty ... you'll be up to 15 miles (and beyond) in no time. It should happen as the morning temperatures in Dallas are dropping off and where talking about running in layers rather than sweating through everything.

The Gel Packs work for me under certain conditions. If I'm just running out of energy, they provide simply carbohydrates that are easy to digest. Some people get nausiated, I don't. I started using them when I was mountain biking alot and the legs would start to cramp way far away from anything.

I don't think you need them yet. At my weight (175 lbs) I burn through 2000 calories in 15 miles ... so I need a little something after 12 or 13 miles.

D said...

Hey Phil! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your suggestion and may just take your advice.

You seem to be running very intelligently. What are you currently training for? I commend you for running so much in the hot AZ weather! I have been wussing out and running on the treadmill with the fans blowing so my times are faster lately....I feel like I'm cheating!

Run Strong!

Love2Run said...

Good work in finishing the distance. I like the Garmin too. So the weather prediction a week away is reliable? They can't get it right here from day to day! Look forward to your race report.

Dusty said...

Phil - Oh, I don't need a gel pack yet... haha! But wondering if they help you. I wasn't sure what they really do as they came on the scene during my hiatus from running. That is good to know. The only other person I know that uses them has a blood sugar issue.

Love2Run must be in Dallas. They have no idea what the weather will do an hour from now. I remember the news being on saying 20% of rain... it was pouring hard as he was saying this... maybe they should give them offices with windows. :) AZ was pretty accurate from my memory -- except who can predict a flash flood?!

Mike said...

I love seeing all those miles stacked up, and 15 at a stretch like you did today will really pay big dividends. Just make sure you recover as best you can. Good call leaving Fido at home today, it was sick-hot.

Runner Chic said...

WOW!!! What a great job. I am amazed at you being able to push against such heat day after day. To go 5 miles between each water break can be risky. Just be careful.

You are going to do wonderful with your upcoming 5k event this weekend. You will be changing your PR yet again I am sure.

I have another option in place is the gel if you are interested. It is a tablet and taste really good. I buy it at my local running store. Let me find the name and I will pass it on.

Again... great job! Thrilled to read that you are FINALLY going to add CR in your workouts. Great benefits in that.


Ann Ewbank said...

way to go on the long run. are you tapering this week in preparation for the 5k Saturday? Are you going for a 20 minute 5k?