Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Raining cats and dogs

This blog is quickly becoming the 24 Hour Weather Blog. After waiting and waiting for our summer rains to start, the Phoenix area got hit with a very large storm last night. The main cell sat over the south and east sides of the city for several hours before moving north and west to clobber the rest of us. I didn’t get a lot of sleep with the thunder crashing all around, making all of our dogs very nervous. Fortunately, everything cleared out by this morning. However, the dew point was approaching 80F and we actually had fog developing in some areas of town.

I don’t know how all of you that live in high humidity areas do it. After running only 4 miles this morning, despite temperatures in the mid 80’s, my shirt felt as if someone had tipped a large beach towel in the pool and draped it over my shoulders. The shirt had to weigh several pounds alone and there literally wasn’t anything dry on me (Shirt, Socks, Shorts or Shoes) after an hour of running. Incredible.

Overall, this morning was an enjoyable easy 8 miles over the same course as yesterday. I took off a bit fast and completed the first mile in 8:40, but quickly settled into a nice steady pace and finished the run with a 9:01 average.

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Training for the week:

Mon - Rest Day
Tue - 8.0 Miles, easy, 9:09/mi pace
Wed – 8.0 Miles, easy, 9:01/mi pace


Dusty said...

Nice run - send the rain to Texas - we need it!!

I hate humidity - sorry you are getting it too. Welcome to monsoon season... ick! Although the rain was always great to have since you only get about 30 days per year - almost all of which are in August!

I feel for you with the wet shirt & clothes. I read in a running book that men sweat more than women. I thought about that this morning and wondered just how much more can a body sweat!!

PS - you mentioned me adding my pic - if you look in the background - edge on the left, a saguaro cactus! Was from a race in AZ a couple years ago.

Runner Chic said...


I am reading up on your blogs. GREAT RACE!!! You are really moving right along. Stick with everything you are doing. It is working!!

I am not sure which is worse, humidity or dry heat. Summers seem to be getting warmer and warmer. Rain is a blessing though and it sounds like your area really needed it.

Again, great job on your numbers. I am impressed!!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

hey, so you guys got some too! this morning, my legs were dripping wet in the 70% humidity - and that was just standing around stretching afterwards!

(I'm late posting, b/c bloglines just pulled your five most recent posts. You're about to get hit with Angie comments! :) )