Saturday, July 01, 2006

Running 5Ks in the Sun

First, I think that I've now convinced myself that running slow and long really does make you faster. After running 5Ks fairly consistently in the 23:30 to 24:00 range for several years, I managed to get to 22:01 on hilly road course in 90 degree heat this morning. In addition to slowing my easy training runs down to the 9:15-9:30 range, I also took Mike's advice and ran a race, for the first time, without a watch. I had my Garmin on to log the miles, but I set up the custom page to display Total Distance, Laps, and Grade. Useless info at best.

The Garmin wouldn't have done me any good anyway on this course. The first 0.2 miles were flat, the next 1.3 miles was a constant up hill grade that got fairly steep right before the turn around point. Fortunately, the race was set up to run around a small round-about, so the turn felt really smooth.

I also ran a 2.7 mile warm up before the race and a 1.1 mile cool down after the race.

I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see anyone I knew at the race. I did see Carmin's name on the race summary. She broke 30 minutes on a very tough course, so go give her a big congratulations if you get a chance.

Keep running

Training for the week:

Sun - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Mon - 5.0 miles; easy, 9:22/mi pace
Tue - 6.0 miles, 5x800,7:03/mi pace
Wed - 5.3 miles, easy, 9:28/mi pace
Thr - 5.3 miles, easy, 9:06/mi pace
Fri - Rest Day
Sat - 5k, race, 7:05/mi pace + 2.7 mile warm up; 1.1 mile cool down

Total for the week: 33.5 Miles


carmen said...

Thanks Phil! I was hoping that I would have gotten to meet with you and chat a little. I really didn't expect as many people as there were out there.

I got to the parking lot with about 8 minutes to spare and had to wait in line for the bathroom. :( Needless to say, I didn't get a chance to do a decent warmup and I was sad about that. I'm sure if I was warmed up and ready to go I wouldn't have been so sluggish during the first mile. It's all good, though!

You did a stellar job yourself and on such a hot morning and a tough course! GREAT WORK!!

I assume you're doing the #4 5k as well?

I hope you have a good weekend. Be safe!

Mike said...

Nice work Phil, now change that PR in the sidebar! I think running longer definitely helps, while running slower makes running longer possible. I imagine plenty more PR's will be forthcoming. Enjoy your 4th and thanks for the "air conditioned" offer. Thankfully the house is back under 80 degrees now!

Dusty said...

Great job today! I have to agree with what Mike told you -- putting in the miles will bring down your time and really help you get some PRs. The endurance and base it builds goes a long way.

Summer series in Phoenix... I so miss those!!

Congrats on your new PR!!

Ann Ewbank said...

Good job today. Your hard work is paying off.

Runner Chic said...

Wow.. what a great time. Maybe I will have the same results if I just stick to what everyone has been teliing me. You must be so excited?!!!