Monday, July 03, 2006

Running in Carlsbad

I've decided to shift my running week to the right by one day and do my long run on Sunday instead of Saturday. This let's me move my rest day from Friday to Monday and balances out my week and fits much better with my my travel schedule.

Although this is Monday and technically a rest day, I found myself in Carlsbad California this morning and couldn't resist a short easy. Although the locals are complaining about the heat, it is down right cool for a desert dweller. The lows are in the high 60's and highs are up around 77. Where's the heat?

This morning was typical. Temperature at 67 with clear skies (no marine layer); just a great morning for a run. I ran 3 miles south down the old coast highway from Carlsbad and had to force myself to turn around. I took a bit of a detour  on the way back and got in a few steep hills. This didn't do anything to help my average pace, but where else am I going to get the chance to run hills with the temperature under 70?

The remarkable aspect of this run was my heart rate. Although I wasn't pushing the pace this morning (it being a rest day and all), I took a quick pulse rate at the end of the run. I'd just finshed up the hills and had run the last half mile at a sub 9:00/mi pace. My heart rate was 112. It would have been over 140 back in central Arizona running the same pace in 90 degree heat.

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Training tor the week:

Mon - 7.5, easy, 9:22/mi pace



Dusty said...

What is with those Californians?? That sounds like a perfect day to me, maybe even a hair too cool!

Sounds like a nice run. Hope your new training schedule works out well for you!

Ann Ewbank said...

Speaking of heat acclimitization (sp?), I just now heard a report on NPR that people were fainting at Wimbeldon because of the extreme heat. The spectators, that is. The medics started keeping a fainting tally. The temperature? 88 degrees.

I would kill for 88 degrees! I might even put on a sweater!