Friday, July 14, 2006

Running Interuptous

Today was not my best day of running. As you are all too well aware from my rantings (as well as the rantings of every other blogger living on the Sonoran Desert), it is HOT out here. Today was no different, something like 91 at 5:00 AM. It might as well have been 121, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. The first mile of my 7 mile easy run was uneventful, but I started to notice sweat rolling down the side of my face shortly thereafter. By the time I got to the 2 mile mark, some sort of liquid was dripping off the brim of my hat and I had the sense that I was starting to drag. Mile 3 is a long straight stretch, slightly up hill. At one part in the run, the city has repaired numerous of cracks in the asphalt with some sort of patching material (I'm sure the stuff has a name, but I’m clueless). I could have sworn that I felt the material giving slightly as I ran over it. Mile 4 has a slightly more substantial ½ mile stretch at the beginning followed by a slight down hill. I really mean slight. The road probably raises 20 or 30 feet over ½ mile. Although the grade is slight, I could feel the energy draining out of my body.

When the Garmin beeped 4 miles, I looked down at my dog and made a command decision for both of us. Since I wasn't having anymore fun and the prospect of running another 3 miles seemed, at the moment, to be somewhat akin to a full scale IRS audit, I stopped running and hit the stop button on my Garmin. I even went into history and erased the little bit I had run past 4 miles. Don’t know what caused me to do this, but it felt good erasing the record of my humiliation.

As I was walking the mile or so home, I ran through the few mile splits accumulated this morning. I ran the first mile in 9:11. Not too bad, I usually run the first mile slowly to get warmed up; but instead of speeding up as is usually the case, I just slooooooowed down mile after putrid mile. At the rate I was decelerating I would have had to run the 7th mile in reverse.

No need to cry for me. Tomorrow will be better, it can’t be much worse.

Keep running, keep hydrated, and keep cool.

Training for the week

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 7.0 miles, easy, 9:02/mi pace
Wed – 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:05/mi pace
Thr – 4.5 Miles, tempo, 7:39/mi pace + 2 mile WU / CD
Fri – 4.0 Miles, easy, 9:23/mi pace


Phil said...

A small weather update:

At 6:30PM the temperature is 113. The overnight low is predicated to be 93.

carmen said...

Geez, now it's 10 pm and it's still 106! I'm seriously in a crabby mood right now because of it.

I give up. The heat finally got to me!