Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Week 3

This starts week three of my quest to run a sub-45 minute 10k. Since I only have 6 days of running planned for this week, I know I won’t top my 52 mile output from last week, but I have a solid week of running planned none-the-less with one speed day, another 14 mile long run (on Sunday) and 4 easy 7 mile runs.


I got out on the road just after 5:00 AM this morning for my first 7 mile run of the week. The sky was just beginning to lighten and most of the cars still had their headlights on. Although the sun had yet to rear its ugly head, the temperature was hovering just under 90. When I lived in Arizona in the late 60s, the summer highs were as hot as they are today, but the morning lows dropped into the high 70s. Since we’ve now covered every available square inch with asphalt and buildings, the whole valley acts like one big heat island. The man-made materials are so good at holding heat over night that the temperature never really cools down.


The first 2 miles were a very sluggish – a real left foot, right foot, left foot, right, repeat as required type of effort. As I made my 2nd left turn just after passing the 1 mile mark, it dawned on me why it is so important to run a slow and easy 2 to 3 mile warm up before a 5k. Trying to run fast at this point would have been a disaster. By the time I passed the 2 mile mark, the legs loosened up and I started running much more relaxed. Miles 3 through 6 went by without incident even though I was working out a respecitible 7 mile route in my head on the fly. In fact, on a long straight line stretch on mile 5 I toyed with the idea of extending this run out to 8 miles. Fortunately I came to my senses. I really need to avoid over-training and I am already running 2x more than my 5 year average.


The last 1/4 mile of mile 7 is a steep hill, followed by slight down hill and then another hill. I didn’t know exactly where the 7 mile mark would be, however, it was much further up the second hill than I had expected. Being a macho idiot, I charged up the first hill and found myself breathing very hard as I coasted down the slight decline. As I started “running” up the 2nd hill I couldn’t ignore my Garmin any longer and found myself frantically cycling through the screens trying to find one that would tell me how many more inches I had to run. Trying to read the damn thing with my right hand holding onto my left wrist while pushing my body up a hill was an exercise in futility. By the time that I was able to get my eyes in focused on the tiny screen with a display showing actual distance run I had already passed the 7 mile mark. I should have just kept my head down and kept motoring ahead as I had done on the first 6.98 miles.


I hope you all have a great week running.


Training for the week:


Mon – Rest Day

Tue – 7.0 Miles, easy, 9:01/mi pace


Amy said...

Wow....that's pretty scary about how the temperature just stays at 90 degrees through the evening. That's our only saving grace right now is the 70 degree temps early in the am or late at night.

By the way, thanks for all of your encouraging comments to my blog lately!

Have a great week!

Runner Chic said...

Now you sound like a smart man. Your body is doing great with your new found miles so don't over do it. If only I could stick to my 3 day a week running plan. I am trying atleast.

Also funny to note that there are other nuts out there that press all the button on their Garmin rather than just relaxing and waiting for even ground.

With temps like that at 5am I am amazed that anyone can get outside and do anything. Unreal. Keep the liquids coming.


Dusty said...

HAHA!! I can totally picture you with your Garmin. They need to make one that can count down aloud how many steps we have left! hee hee!

Good job on the run today. Yes - the valley has really changed -- there used to be quite a bit of cotton and other farm land where the temp could really drop at night. Sounds like it is just a far away memory...

carmen said...

You haven't mentioned anything about the coyote lately. Have you seen him recently or have you been running in a different area? I get a kick out of those stories. :)

I have a feeling that I've been feeling miserable since I started getting up later in the morning. Everytime I read your early morning run reports, it pushes me to want to wake up early in the morning again.

I just might do that tomorrow morning. That means, after this comment I am hitting the hay!

Mike said...

This weather is just plain cruel. Even with temperatures 5-10 degrees cooler in Tucson it's no fun once the sun starts moving upward.

Looking forward to the report after the 14 miler, make sure to pre-hydrate or water-load or whatever the hell they call it these days.