Friday, August 11, 2006

8 Miles to success

I think I’m back on track. This has certainly been a slow week so far. My plan for the first 4 days of the week was:

Mon – Rest
Tue – 9 miles, easy
Wed – 9 miles, easy
Thr – 7 miles with 5x800 intervals
Total Miles - 25

My actual performance was somewhat less impressive:

Mon – Rest ( yep … I got this done without problem)
Tue – 6.0 miles, easy (what’s a few of miles between friends)
Wed – Rest (almost as much fun as 9 miles, but very necessary)
Thr – 7.5 miles with 5x800 intervals (yes!)
Total Actual – 13.5

The two biggest problems: total lack of sleep (as in … trying to stay gainfully employed by working late into the night and then getting up early to run) and the pain in my left hamstring. I’ve worked my way through the sleep problem (at least until the next crisis erupts) and I actually started paying attention to my hamstring as many of you have suggested for the past week. I’m icing it twice a day, applying compression with a 3” wrap, and performing easy stretches each night when the legs are nice and toasty warm.

Something must be working because I actually achieved my target distance this morning with an easy 8.3 mile run. The first mile felt very sluggish; however, the post-run Garmin dump revealed that I ran the first 6 miles within a few seconds of each other; nice and steady. The 7th was 10 seconds slower for no other reason than it was and the 8th was 20 seconds faster even though I had to charge up a short hill (go figure).

My left hamstring performed about as I’d expect. It was stiff getting started, but loosened up as the run progressed. I felt none of the twinges of pain that plagued me yesterday. Once I got home, I fixed breakfast and went outback to read the paper before the rest of the house awoke from their peaceful slumber. I also filled my ice pack and iced the hamstring for 20 minutes. As I sit here 7 hours later, I realize that I haven’t had any residual pain or stiffness (unlike yesterday). I think this is good.

I have another 8 miles planned for Saturday with a 15 mile planned for Sunday. I’ll just take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

Shirtless Guys: I received several comments on my suggestion that guy’s over 40 with excess body flap shouldn’t consider going shirtless. Not too surprisingly, the approvals / disapprovals voiced in the comments split along gender lines. One male suggested that I wouldn’t have voiced a negative opinion on shirtless running if I had come across a woman doing the same. I beg to differ. Although certainly unqualified to say one way or another, I can imagine that running topless for 7 or 8 miles might be physically uncomfortable (setting aside our rather prudish attitude towards women’s anatomy) and probably no more attractive than seeing a slightly over weight guy jogging about. However, the point is, I shouldn’t really care. If you all (either gender) want to go running naked in the streets, please don’t let my opinion stop you. In the end, its all running, it’s all good.

Have a great weekend.

Training for the week

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 6.0, easy, 9:03/mi pace
Wed - Rest Day
Thr - 7.0 miles, 5x800m w/400m recovery
Fri - 8.3 miles, easy, 9:11/mi pace


Dusty said...

haha! As a woman, no way I'm running shirtless - ouch!

Flab bouncing isn't pretty on men or women, but bouncing means it is working out so who can honestly complain... but attractive - no. But do I envy that guys don't have to wear as much clothes when it is hot out - yes. My husband mows the yard w/out a top and no one cares. I mow the yard with just a running top (and shorts of course) and people think I'm trying to be sexy or flaunt whatever I think I have. Nope - just really freaking hot.

Glad you are felling a bit better & getting on track.

Mike said...

You're in Phoenix, aren't your legs "toasy warm" 24/7?

Love2Run said...

Good luck on Sunday, maybe you'll break 15!? I'm staying out of the debate!

D said...

Glad yor hamstring issues seem to be improving. Good luck w/your long run tomorrow.

Brad said...

I'm so happy to live where it's much cooler!

DawnB said...

Thank you for visiting me and for the great advice.I know what you saying about the lack of sleep. Good luck with your run on Sunday.