Saturday, August 12, 2006

Drowned Rat

8 miles scheduled, 8.3 miles completed. Our summer monsoon season is in full swing and we had another large storm roll through the valley last night, driving down temperatures. In fact, the temperature was a relatively cool 77F (22C) this morning. Of course, the humidity was sitting around 83% and the dew point was 72F. At one point, I could see actual fog hanging over north Scottsdale, 10 miles to the east of me.

My run this morning was, for the most part, unremarkable. My left hamstring performed without complaint, although both quads were sore by the time I got back to the house. My mile splits were nice and even, with the exception of mile 7. For the second day in a row, mile 7 was 10 seconds slower than the average. This mile is a straight flat section; my strength must start to wane after I get through the first 6 and then pick up after 7

This morning’s picture was taken 20 minutes after I got back to the house. My light blue running shirt is completely soaked, as was every other piece of running gear. I don’t know how you folks living with this sort of humidity do it day in and day out. I know I complain about running in 97F (36C), but running in this humidity is something else altogether.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Training for the week

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 6.0, easy, 9:03/mi pace
Wed - Rest Day
Thr - 7.0 miles, 5x800m w/400m recovery
Fri - 8.3 miles, easy, 9:11/mi pace
Sat - 8.3 miles, easy, 9:02/mi pace


Dusty said...

Nice run - good picture. Humidity is a pain - There is a 15K here tomorrow, a bunch of people in the 5k were talking about doing it. Crazy - insane! I don't know how they do it either - and I live here & can see it live and in person!

Maybe your body just automatically goes into recovery - it knows there isn't a hill so just rests. Does it only happen on this course? If so, the only real way to stop it is to mentally pick up the pace - run faster than you think you need to for that mile. Your body might be recovering for a reason tho - but if you are afraid of that happening in races and you want to stop it - you can try picking it up just as you start to enter mile 7. Maybe this is why your hamstring didn't hurt - your body slowed down a bit to protect it? just possible ideas - food for thought.

D said...

unremarkable is good! I am with you on the humidity thing - it sucks. But then again, I can't stand the heat either. It was cool for us here this morning as well (first time in a long time although I guess it helps to get a 6:30am start) but the humidity was TOUGH. Are you sure that mile 7 is an actual mile? Maybe it is over a mile. That's odd. Have a great weekend.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow, 77 degrees and fog?! in Phoenix?? I didn't know hell cooled down that much in summer :)

it's tough to run in the humidity! I find it hard to breathe.

Hilda said...

Humidity is so high here, specially in summer, but it helps me to blame someone about my slow pace.
You don't look that sweat in the photo... if you could see me!
Thanks for stopping by, keep enjoying your running!

Ann Ewbank said...

Yeah, it was weird this morning! When I got done with my 5 miler, my fingers were puckered like I had been in the pool! My shirt was completely soaked. That rarely happens in Phx!

Runner Chic said...


Thank you for feeling our pain here in the South. Humidity is tuff. How many weeks of summer do we still have?? Do not answer that.


carmen said...

Love the shirt! It's totally YOU and your pooch!