Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Last Mile

I’m blaming this morning’s performance on my blood donation on Friday. I’m sure that the overall sluggishness had nothing to do with going to bed after mid-night and rolling out of bed at 4:30.

By the time I’d jogged through the first mile, I knew that this wasn’t going to be fun morning. Everything felt wrong. Through the first two miles, my right calf felt tight (where did this come from?). The arch of my left foot started aching on the 3rd mile (this is an old injury from an Adventure Race I did 2 years ago) and my right foot started falling asleep on mile 4. By the time I got to mile 5 I had waves of pain passing through my left foot emanating from the big toe. I was a mess.

On the other hand, the dog was certainly enjoying the relaxed pace since I was having trouble running 9:15 miles; slowing down to a 9:30 up the hill. As I passed through the end of mile 7, I decided that the only goal achievable, besides surviving to run another day, was to finish the last mile in under 9:00. I put my head down and picked up the pace, finishing in 8:54 (go me!)

I know the aches and pains were a result of my tired legs literally pounding the pavement with an awkward gait. If there was ever a morning that I should have stayed in bed, it was today. Of well, the ego reigns supreme.

I hope your weekends are going great!

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 8.0 miles, easy, 8:55/mi pace
Wed – 8.0 miles, easy, 8:34/mi pace
Thr – 8.0 miles, easy, 9:16/mi pace
Fri – 8.0 miles, easy, 8:46/mi pace
Sat – 8.0 miles, easy, 9:16/mi pace


StumbleGuy said...


Sorry to hear you're out-of-sorts. Hopefully next run will be back to normal.

I had a similar choice on Friday, and chose to stay in bed! Now I just feel guilty.


Mike said...

I remember reading in the "coaches clinic" column of an older Running Times where Benson commented on how much a recent blood donation can decrease running performance. The person in question had donated blood the week of a marathon, but I'm sure the same principle applies for moderate runs. Think about it, you spend all this time building up your red blood cell count and thus your blood's oxygen carrying capacity, then you go and give it all away for some OJ and cookies!

Seriously, donating blood is a noble sacrifice, and if I remember the article correctly you should be back to even in 2 weeks max.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh man, tough run! good job finishing that last mile in under 9.

DawnB said...

Phil, I've had days like yours. You dug deep and got it done.. Good for you!!!

Phil said...

By luck of birth, I ended up with the O- blood type .. so, I'm the universal donor. Since I found out that I've got the stuff, I've figured that its my responsibility to give it away since I can always make more. However, this is the first time I've donated blood since I've jacked up my weekly mileage from 20 to 45-50 range and increased my minimum easy run distance from 3 to 8. It was a real kick in the head this morning. Just by dumb luck, I scheduled this blood donation during a light week. I'll need to pay more attention in the future.

Michele said...

That is some awesome mileage for the week, way to go.
Also way to stick with it and finish the run.
Thanks for your words of encouragement. They really help.