Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shuffling along in Yeovil

I finally got to Yeovil England late this afternoon. We stopped off at Stonehenge on the way to Yeovil from Heathrow this afternoon. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get home this weekend and can get my hands on the correct cable. The weather here is beyond fabulous; 68F (20C) in the late afternoon. Although the job responsibilities are crushing and I’m not quite prepared for my discussions tomorrow, I took off an hour and ran a quick 5 mile route through the back roads (they are all “back roads) in the farming country south of Yeovil.

Running along two way roads that we in the US would call alleys with hedge rows towering on either side was certainly interesting. When the hedge rows thinned out and I could see the country side I was awe struck. What a beautiful place; just miles and miles of rolling hills. On top of the scenery, the drivers are friendly and are actually paying attention to what they are doing as they drive slowly down these narrow farm lanes.

I did reasonably well on the run, although my Garmin had a tough time with all the trees and hedges and dropped out several times along the way. I was happy to have it though. I did have to stop once and consult the map to ensure I was heading along the correct road. I’m use to country roads splitting in France, but the signage isn’t the same here in southern England. I dumb ass like me could easily get lost.

Even though this week’s training schedule is certainly blown, I’ll be in heaven if I can get one more run in before I leave.

Hope your week is going as well

Training for the week:

Mon – Travel Day
Tue – 5.5 Miles, Easy, 8:48/mi pace


Michele said...

wow!!! Sounds like you are getting in some beautiful miles!

Thomas said...

Enjoy the fab weather while it lasts - I confidently predict that you will get the rain that is presently sweeping over Ireland in no time at all.

D said...

68 degrees is Heaven! Looking forward to pictures.

DawnB said...

Phil,I hope you get that run in, you deserve it.

Runner Chic said...


With temps like those it will be hard to hit the heat again once you return home.

I will cross my fingers that you are able to get one more run in.


Runner Chic said...


I finally did it.... I posted a picture on my blog!!!


Ann Ewbank said...

Sounds like heaven over there!

Feminist Runner said...

Sounds gorgeous...

Dusty said...

Vacation running - that is the best!! Well, maybe you are working there - but a vacation from your training schedule and all new courses and scenic routes. So awesome.

My cousins were in town from Bristol and talking about the weather - it sounded just perfect and you have confirmed! Enjoy!!

Thanks for the note on my blog. :)