Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sleepy Time

Not much to report today. I woke up this morning to a bright pre-dawn sky. I laid in bed a few minutes pondering the situation trying to figure out what was wrong with this picture (I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed) … ah … it isn’t suppose to be bright outside at 4:30. In fact, on this part of the planet, it should be down right dark at 4:30. It was, of course, well past 4:30. I’d slept in until 5:30 again (need to stop doing this). This late start put any thought of an 8 to 9 mile run out of reach and I knew that I'd have to settle for 6 at best.

I evidently had been thinking too much about the fabulous run I had this past Tuesday in Redmond and not enough about running in central Arizona. Opening the front door and stepping into the reality of running on the desert durning summer monsoon season hit my system like a brick. The first breath of hot muggy air was down right depressing, and it didn’t get much better as the sweat immediately started dripping, drop by drop, off my forehead as I plodded along on the first mile. It wasn’t too long before my shirt was socked. I’m sure you all just love running in soggy cloths. Just what is in “dry weave” fabric anyway?

My left hamstring let me know it was still having difficulties over the first couple of miles. Nothing too painful and no danger of a pull; it was just very tight. It eventually warmed up and stop complaining; however, my toes quickly took up the slack and started wailing about leaving the shoeless confines of a warm bed. They don’t always like to get pounded in the morning, but gave up complaining at some point during the run. (I guess I was just feeling old and cranky today)

I took a slight detour to ensure I could get in a full 6 miles on one loop back to the house, which took me down streets I don’t normally run on. The traffic on a couple of the streets was much heavier than my normal route; which could have been a result of my late start more than anything else. I also found a car smashed up from the left rear forward with what was left of the driver’s side mirror strewn over the road way. Now there is one car owner that was definitely going to have a bad hair day once they got to their car this morning (you just gotta love drivers in Phoenix).

After 4 miles of running through my own personal sauna, I picked up the pace and headed home for the last 2. I ran by a woman walking just before I passed the street leading up to my house and continued straight for another 2/10 miles to get out to 6.0 miles for the run. The woman didn’t return my “good morning” as I passed her and was even less excited about seeing me when we met up again as I walked back to my house. She put on her baseball cap as she approached and pull it low on her forehead to hide her eyes. I guess I did look quite frightful with all the sweat, wet running shirt and generally haggard look. But this is my neighborhood and I’ll be friendly if I want!

Hope your week is going great … keep running


Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 6.0, easy, 9:03/mi pace


Love2Run said...

4:30! so what time do you have to go to bed? 6:30 is a stretch for me but I don't get in till after 11pm usually.

Dusty said...

Good for you -- make her say hi! hee hee! We have a lot of bikes out here - they rarely say hi, so now I started the smile and a quick low wave - got them to do it back on their handle bars -- I'm all proud of myself for making them be friendly. hee hee!

Sorry to hear you were feeling like you were falling apart today. Hopefully it was just early week blues and you'll be set by tomorrow!

Feminist Runner said...

Make them say hi! Non-greeters drive me batty. We're all in this crazy, wake up at ungodly hours and do insane workouts thing together.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Runner Chic said...


Love the blog!! I think I might have passed my runners block on to you. Drop all of the bad thoughts and push through it. I know you and will.

On an important note.... GET THAT HAMSTRING LOOKED AT. Age is not always the cause of everything. You being the God Father of running should know that.

Keep up the great training. Summer will let up one of these days... I hope!


Michele said...

I am glad it is not that hot here that early, I don't know when I would get my workouts in!