Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Slogging through 9 miles

Another monster thunderstorm rolled across the valley last night, dumping water everywhere and jacking up the humidity. Since Phoenix is now one massive “heat island”, the morning temp at 4:30 AM was 83F (23C) dispite the initial cool down following a storm. The heat in the ashpalt, cement and buildings just evaporates more water and increases the humidity.

The sweat was literally dripping off my hat this morning before I had completed the first 2 miles. My initial pace felt pretty good, despite the heat and humidity (at 4:30 AM no less), but I started to feel my energy drain after 6 miles. The 7th mile was all down hill, but it was all I could do to hold pace and I just gutted out miles 8 and 9. There was no joy this morning. Tomorrow will be better (although the forecast is calling from continued storms through this week)

Hope your week is going better

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 9.0 miles, easy, 9:06/mi pace

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angie's pink fuzzy said...


it was thundering and storming this morning, so I cancelled my run and cross-trained at the gym instead...