Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tough guy (with minivan)

My 8 mile easy run around Cooper’s Loop started out better than expected. Although the temperature and humidity were as high as yesterday (82F/32C), I had more of spring in my steep from the moment the clock started and quickly worked into a nice steady pace under 9:00/mi.

With the sound of the wind in my ears (more of a rustling sound actually), I managed to work myself into a state of bliss that my friend Thomas calls “Zenning Out”. I was thinking about a trip I need to take next week and wondering how the heck I was going to get ready for the trip, get everything else I need to do done, get my soccer team ready for a tournament this weekend and (of course) keep up with my blog.

I was somewhere in mid-thought when the side of green minivan appeared directly in front of me. I dodged around the back side of the minivan and uttered a rather loud expletive, followed quickly by a somewhat negative salutation. The minivan had pulled out of a parking lot while making a right hand turn and didn’t bother to look right before plowing into the street, and into my path. With my luck, this was the one cretin in Phoenix driving with the windows down. The driver took umbrage with my greeting and started his own string of cursing. This isn’t unusual; a normal reaction when one does something stupid and needs to cover up the fact by blaming the other guy. However, what was unusual is that he jumped out of his minivan and started chasing me down the street.

You’ve got to picture this. I’m cruising along at an 8:30/mi pace, I’ve got a 75lb dog on my left and some moron wearing jeans and tennis shoes is trying to chase me down after giving me a 40 foot head start. Just wasn’t going happen for him. He gave up after 10 or 20 steps and I imagine slinked back to his car.

The worse part of the incident was the adrenaline rush that came after. It felt as if someone had poured cement in my veins. I could feel my heart racing and the chemical passing through my thighs and lower legs. It took another ½ mile before the heaviness left my system and I got back in the groove.

The tough guy in the minivan aside, this was a pretty good morning. I finished up the 8 mile loop at an average pace of 8:31/mi, which is faster than my easy pace; so I know that I pushed things a little this morning. Of course, I’ve got a 6 mile tempo run scheduled for tomorrow on the track. This is the longest and fastest tempo run I’ve tried to-date, so I would have been smarter to back off a little this morning; but then again, hindsight is usually perfect.

Hope you are having a great week

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 9.0 miles, easy, 9:06/mi pace
Wed: 8.0 miles, easy, 8:31/mi pace


Brian said...

Phil, glad to hear the minivan driver didn't stand a chance coming after you. I hope the driver realized how stupid he looked and will pull together some respect for people out running. Nice run today, I can't believe the temps at 4:30am you described in yesterday's post; I feel really lucky that it is much cooler in the midwest at that time.

Dusty said...

Hi Phil - sounds like quite an eventful morning. Glad he tried to catch you on foot instead of in his van. What an idiot.

Thanks for the note - just realized this morning that I hadn't posted anthing. I got an infection that my lungs are NOT happy about. Been in bed and taking lots of antibiotics. I've been so tired I pretty much work & sleep (other than an early movie Monday - didn't cut out on date night, just went to the movie at 4 instead of 7). Thought I'd be feeling better by now. Have a call into the dr & a follow up scheduled for Monday. Tried to keep up with blogs but pretty zoned out. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

Runner Chic said...


I have been under a rock and just now have had a chance to read the first blog in some time.

Be careful that the "Van Man" does not try a repeat and find you along you normal running path. There are ALOT of nuts out there!!

Good luck with the long tempo.


Ann Ewbank said...

What a jackass! It cracks me up that you outran him.

People are nuts in this town when it comes to driving.

Maybe it's time for you to go back to Reach 11 for a while. I think a coyote is less scary than some crazy maniac driver!

Phil said...

The only thing that makes me nervous about running in Reach 11 park in the pre-dawn darkness is stepping on a rattle snake. I've seen too many snakes on the desert over the years and usually don't regognize that large stick as a snake until I'm almost on top of them.

As far as out running the "raging bull" this morning, altough we talk about our easy pace as if we just plugging along, most people couldn't keep up with us from 100 yards.

Mike said...

If his window was down in this heat he must have been crazy. Good idea to run away. Good luck with the tempo tomorrow.

DawnB said...

Phil, Wow what a morning. I'm glad you are ok and the incident did not turn into something worst. Great job in out running him. I always felt that I run very reserve to just incase I had to out run someone. I agree with you though alot of people wouldn't be able to out run us. But I pray that I'll never have to prove it.

Great run. Good luck on the tempo. I believe I have one the schedule also.

D said...

I know the feeling of that adrenaline shooting through you because you realize that some idiot could have just killed you and then they have the audacity to flip you off! Glad you are ok. Nice that it turned out to be a good run!

Runner Chic said...

Phil, I have some pictires from the Tri but am having a fit trying to add it to my post.

Can you help?