Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another day, another mile

I had no need to get up early this morning. I completed my long run on Saturday and had little more than a short recovery run in mind for this morning, so I turned off my alarm. Why get up when it's still dark when the temperatures are in the low 70s as the sun comes up and all you need to do is run a quick 30 minutes just to get the blood moving. Unfortunately, I forgot to explain the concept of sleeping in to the dog. Since he still can’t read a clock very well, he was totally unaware that 4:45 had come and gone; but as soon as the sun came up he must have figure out that something was wrong. He jumped up on the bed and started licking my face as hard as he could. He really, really wanted to go for a run.

I got up, got dressed, found his leash and walked down the hill to our usual starting point. So what was it going to be? A short 3 miles? That would be easy enough … or perhaps 5 miles. For either, all I needed to do was turn left. I still didn’t know if my legs would actually propel me forward after yesterday. So what did I do? I turned right and headed out for another 8 miler around Cooper’s loop.

It wasn’t very fast and it certainly was very pretty, but in the end, with 8 miles this morning, I squeezed in a 50 mile week; 50 miles in 5 runs.

I officially start training for my first marathon on Tuesday. On Mike's suggestion I picked up Pete Pfitzinger's book, "Advanced Marathoning" and set up a basic 18 week program peaking at 55 miles/week. This should be fun.

I hope you all have a great week running.

Training for the week.

Mon: Rest Day (recovering from bad sausage)
Tue: 8 miles, easy, 9:09 avg pace
Wed: More Rest (let the right calf heal)
Thr: 8 miles, easy, 9:07 avg pace
Fri: 8 miles, easy, 9:03 avg pace
Sat: 18 miles, long, 9:17 avg pace
Sun: 8 miles, easy, 9:17 avg pace

Total for the week: 50 miles


Mike said...

I think you'll really dig the book, I certainly did. Between his book, the "essential ingredients" series he's writing in Running Times, and the articles he's posted on there is a ton of great information. I like that he comes at it from the unique perspective of being both an exercise physiologist and one of the most consitent marathoners in the USA. There's a pic of him somewhere leading the 1980 (I think) Olympic trials marathon race where he's dropping a pack of runners that includes both Bill Rodgers and Alberto Salazar. He went on to win that race, but what guts it must have taken to make that move. Good luck with the plan.

Love2Run said...

Phil, you're really turning hardcore on us with all these miles. Good to hear you're feeling good enough after the record 18 to do another crazy 8!

I'm a Pfitz man as well and have been working from his book for several years now. It's a bit intimidating at 1st but the proof is in the end results. Good running!

DawnB said...

Nice job again Phil. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to pick a target race. I thought it would be one of my marathons. For the last few years I've done Hartford, then Mystic in October and then Philly in November. But for some reason Hartford is one week later than usual. I like the idea of having two weeks in between. Now I have to think about skipping one of them. Its a really tough decision right now and they are only weeks away. Maybe I should target a early year or a spring marathon, or try my best to go all out one one of the above three I mention. I know I could do all of them but I want one to be more than just finishing. I'll make a decision soon.

Phil said...

Mike and Mike ... thanks for the comments. A marathon is a big step up for me. In February, I ran my first and only 1/2 marathon. I enjoyed it, but paid dearly in the week following. At the time I was running 3 miles a day 4 to 5 days a week. Now that I'm running 40-45 miles a week and recovering quickly after 5Ks and 10Ks I think I'm ready to get focused on longer events. While the morning lows in central Arizona were hovering around 90 F I wasn't too keen on 55 mile weeks, but now that the weather has finally broken, I think I can bump up my training from 45 to 55 miles without killing myself. And I will be depending on continued advice from everyone.

Dusty said...

Nice 18 miler and then the other 8 - 50 miles in 5 days is great!

How is the calf doing?

Feminist Runner said...

Nice job, Phil! You're making great strides and getting stronger everyday. Sneaking in 8 milers after 18 milers! Especially when it wsa going to be a no miler.
God bless dogs for getting owners out of bed!