Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The day after

My climb up through the mountains above Jerome yesterday took its toll this morning. I felt ok overall (apart from my right foot which I’m considering trading in on a younger model), but there wasn’t any bounce to my step. I didn’t sleep well last night for a variety of reasons beyond the scope of this journal and woke up for good at 4:00 AM. Even though I got up early it still took 45 minutes to get out on my regular 8 mile loop.

The first mile felt sluggish and I could tell I was just plodding along aimlessly even without consulting the Garmin. Things didn’t pick up much on the 2nd mile as I turned onto a little used street and ran through the dark. Miles 3 and 4 felt better, I finally had some blood moving in my legs, but I was running very tight; especially through my shoulders. Mile 5 is up hill and joins up with the access road along one of the local freeways.

This access road is usually all but deserted at 5:30 in the morning, but not today. Traffic on the freeway was backed up so folks were using the access road as a mini freeway. With cars and SUVs whizzing along at 70 mph I had to run on the gravel landscaping along the road. Since we’ve had nothing but rain, rain, rain lately, there is plenty of gravel and dirt in the roadway and the speeding vehicles kicked up plenty of very gritty dust.

Half way through mile 6 I finally got off the access road and headed into a residential area with no cars; however, my pace was still far less than stellar. No risk of melting my shoes this morning. Mile 7 and mile 8 went buy using the standard divide and conquer technique. I committed to run to the next light, to the next intersection, to the next building, etc and slowly made by way home.

I hope your day is going better.

Training for the week:

Mon – 4.6 mile, Race, 9:43/mi avg pace. 4.6 mile wu/cd
Tue – 8.0 mile, Easy, 9:22/mi avg pace


D said...

That did not sound like a very fun run - but it's in the books.

Runner Chic said...


Wonderful job pushing through your 8 miler. Not an easy task when you body is not on board.

Have you thought about get an all over massage? You will benefit greatly from this. Sounds like you may have some tight spots and possibly some knots in your back and shoulder area.

You’re worth it and you have earned it!! Treat yourself.