Thursday, September 21, 2006

Delightful Weather

With morning temperatures in the low 70s again, morning runs are taking on a distinctively different feel. Gone are the hellish days of August when an easy morning run meant coming home completely drench from head to toe. For the next few months, those of us running on the northern expanses of the Sonoran Desert will enjoy very nice weather for a change.

I took yesterday as a rest day to give my calf another day of heal. The additional rest seems to have helped. I didn’t have any problems this morning during a leisurely 8 miler over the usual route. I left my Garmin at home and just ran with my old sports watch. I managed to ignore my time through the first 6 miles, but the competitive nature in me just had to know how I was doing over the last two miles. As I feared, once I knew where I was time-wise, I just had to set a time limit to beat (why do we do this to ourselves?). So, after having a nice relaxed run for nearly an hour, I suddenly needed to finish this run in under 1:13:00. I know that it’s stupid – like - who really cares?

Speaking of “who really cares”, my younger brother stopped by on Tuesday night for an overnight stay while on his way to California. We had a great dinner and got talking about running (of course) as the night wore on. Unfortunately, I showed him my blog. After reading a few recent entries, he’s now convinced that I am completely certifiable. I still love him though.

Thanks again for your comments of concern over the past several days. I think I’ve recovered from my various maladies. My game plan is to take it easy for the next couple of weeks and try to get in 40 to 50 miles of easy running per week. After that I’ll start focusing on what ever I need to do for the Carlsbad Marathon in January.

Have a great week running.

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 8 miles, easy, 9:09 avg pace
Wed: More Rest
Thr: 8 miles, easy, 9:07 avg pace


DawnB said...

Its pretty chilly here in the morning I have to put on a light jacket. But I'm not complaining I'll take this anytime. I'm only complaining about the darkness :0)

Nice idea taking the extra day for your calf. sound like you had a great run today.

Thomas said...

Hey, it's the opposite here in Ireland. I was having mostly a good time in August, and now that it's September I come home drenched from top to toe after each run. Ok, so it's not from sweat, which makes it more bearable (not to say less smelly).

Glad to hear your stomach has stopped giving out. I really hate it when my body interferes with my running.

Feminist Runner said...

A break in the weather for you! Yay!

Sounds like a good plan for the calf. And, as for the brother, everyone has to have their quirks. You can't help it if his is that he doesn't run.

Mike said...

I made the mistake of showing my bro my blog (actually I just told him I had one and he found it). I'm just waiting for the same kind of comments I got from him to start showing up here...this happens more with older brothers. One day after I went on and on about beating one particular runner, my brother just had to comment "Yeah, but I LET you win."