Saturday, September 02, 2006

Home Again

I got back to Phoenix late Friday night after a quick trip to England. My customer contact has been severely restricted due to travel cost restrictions, so this was only the second time I’ve been on the east side of the Atlantic this year. In addition to a successful business trip, I managed to get in a couple of good runs in the country side around Yeovil England (see pictures below) and also stopped by Stonehenge for a quick look-see. The only thing I didn't get to do was visit a pub. Of well .. next time.

I also apologize for the not keeping up with your blogs this week, the time pressure and travel schedule didn't give me much free time.

I also have a new pain that I need some help with (getting old is really hell). After my 16 mile run two weekends ago, I developed a pain on the outside of my right foot right at the little bump mid-way between my toes and heel. It hurts to walk on hard wood floors immediately after I get out of bed in the morning, but doesn’t hurt to run on. As you would expect from your typical macho idiot, I’ve ignored the problem for two weeks, hoping that it will go away. It hasn’t and seems to be getting worse.

After I got back from a frustrating 9 mile run this morning (I’d scheduled 10 miles) the pain wouldn’t stop, so I finally started ice therapy. That seems to help somewhat.

Any ideas? I’ve got a 5 mile race through the mountains around Jerome AZ on the Labor Day and could use some advice as to how to prepare my foot for the pounding.

Running for the week:

Mon – Travel Day
Tue – 5.5 Miles, Easy, 8:48/mi pace
Wed – Work day (no rest for the wicked)
Thr – 5.5 Miles, Easy, 9:09/mi pace
Fri – 8.0 Miles, Treadmill, 8:45/mi pace
Sat – 9.3 Miles, Easy, 9:04/mi pace

Random Photos from Stonehenge

Photos from Yeovil England

First .. I apologize for the quality of the photos below. There was nothing but bright sunshine on my first run through the country side. I decided to take my camera along on my second run, but of course it was very early in the morning and sky was overcast. In otherwords, the lighting sucked. The place is actually very cheerful.

This is what passes for a country lane in southern England. Note the hedgerows. These bushes are over 10' high. The traffic was light the two times I ran through here, but I did encounter cars in both directions.

Church Yard in West Coker (or was it East Coker?). This was my turn-around point.

The countryside through a hole in the hedges. Too bad I didn't have my camera the day before when there was more light on this scence. Regardless, we don't have anything like this in Phoenix.

Thatched Roof House

Not much room for a sidewalk along this street

The Yeovil Court Hotel. My room was the tall part of the building in the far right of this picture. It had a small sitting room and bathroom downstairs and a small loft with a bed upstairs. Total number of rooms: 23

This is the first time I've ever post a picture of a bath tub on my blog; but, this is the first time I've stayed at a hotel with a stand-along bathtub. I didn't use it, but it looked neat. Also, you can tell that this wasn't your standard corporate hotel. Notice the black walls in the bathroom.


Mike said...

Wonder how many coats of paint that black took. Sounds like a cool but brief trip, glad you got some running in. Not sure about the pain. If it's on the outside edge of the foot and not the under-side, I'm doubting it's any kind of a plantar fasciitis thing. Perhaps it's just a touch or bursitis or the like. I actually had a bit of a pain there and it did go away after ignoring it for awhile. Is it tender to the touch?

Phil said...

Hi Mike ... I don't think it's a plantar fascitis issues. It is on the outside edge of the foot. If you move your finger along the outside of the foot from front to back you'll come to a small "bump". I think this is where the fifth metatarsal bone connects. The pain is on the back side (the heel side). It is tender to touch, but only if I push my finger on the spot hard. I'll continue the ice routine ... and back off a bit on my long runs.

Yvonne said...

hey phil. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

sorry to read about your injury - i'm no expert on foot issues - hopefully with icing lots it will clear up.

and what's with not making it to a pub when you're in england? that just ain't right ;)

Feminist Runner said...

Those photos are awesome! Thatched huts and cool bath tubs. Wow!

I am a macho idiot too and generally ignore pain; I'd keep at the icing. If it keeps up, maybe head to a podiatrist? I tell other people to do that, but I don't myself.
If it makes you feel any better, I ignored some peroneal tendon pain for about 4 months and one day it was gone. I wish the same for you!

Mike said...

I'm doubtful the pain is anything that could become seriously debilitating, at least it wasn't in my case. As far as it hurting when you push on it goes, I'll give you the advice my wife gives me..."Then stop touching it!!"

It could be from narrow work shoes or any number of things, but hopefully it will be gone soon. In other words, it might not even be a running injury per se. Ice and ibuprofin couldn't hurt. Get well soon.

Stumbleguy said...


Hope you enjoyed your trip over here to Blighty. I know the weather got a bit foul in the middle of the week.

If you make it to a pub round Yeovil next time, try to get to one which serves "Butcombe Beer." It's from a town between Wells and Bristol, not too far North of Yeovil, and it's damn good!

Sorry to read of your foot problems. I don't suppose filing the bump down would help!! :)