Friday, September 22, 2006

Le beau temps

Another fine day in the neighborhood
Another 70f (21c) morning
Another 8 miler in the bank
No complaints.

Training for the week:

Mon: Rest Day
Tue: 8 miles, easy, 9:09 avg pace
Wed: More Rest
Thr: 8 miles, easy, 9:07 avg pace
Fri: 8 miles, easy, 9:03 avg pace


Michele said...

Great Job speedster. Awesome week of training.

Love2Run said...

Your on a roll of crazy 8's! What's next 8x8 or 8+8 for a nice long run? Rest days are good too ;-)

Phil said...

Thanks Michele

Mike ... I was thinking about a nice 8+8 on Sunday. We'll see. I'm just cruising through next week only running easy runs. I just finished up a 16 week program and I'm taking a break before starting up my next program. This is fun.

DawnB said...

You had a great week Phil, enjoy the weekend.

Feminist Runner said...

That's quite a week! I want to be able to pound out multiple 8 milers like that.
What program did you finish up? Was it worth all the work? Why am I so nosy?