Thursday, September 28, 2006

L'entraînement de marathon, jour trois

I’m very thankful that I’ve spent the past 6 months building up from a sub-20 mile a week runner to a 40-45 mile weekly schedule. Otherwise, I’m very sure that I’d not be able to survive marathon training. After kidding about running yet another 8 miler on Tuesday, this morning I had a get out of bed and run 10. I’ve never run 10 miles mid-week before; however, according to Thomas, I better get use to it.

I’ve got nice 8 mile, 6 mile, 5 mile and 3 mile courses near my house, but I don’t have a good 10 mile course defined. Unfortunately, the main roads in Phoenix are laid out on an even 1 mile grid. The gird is broken up by the hills in north Phoenix, but it’s still difficult to find a 10+ mile route that doesn’t require me to either run along or cross a busy street at least 5 times during the run. Of course the traffic mid-week on these roads only gets heavier and heavier as the minutes tick by. Running along the main arteries isn’t that bad at 5:30 but can be a nightmare at 6:30.

Not much to report on my 10 miler this morning. The temperatures are back below 80F (27C) and the humidity has dropped again. It actually feels cool. I started to wear my HR monitor again to get some idea where I'm at and kept my HR between 135 and 140 for most of the first 6 miles. I was a good boy and didn’t look the Garmin to gauge actual or average pace through the first hour on the road, but couldn’t help myself over the last 3 miles. Along mile 9, a bike rider glided by slowly on the other side of the road. Now this wasn’t a bike rider like Michele, pounding out some serious miles. No, this woman was just out for a leisurely morning ride. I’m confident that she didn’t view passing me as an act of bravado, but the macho idiot in me picked up the challenge none-the-less and ran even with her for a half mile. My heart rate jumped to 155 and my pace improved to sub 8:00. Fortunately for me, I needed to turn off the main road and head back towards my house. 4 minutes of tempo running was more than I needed after 9 miles.

Other than a little chaffing, the run went OK. I demonstrated that I can run 10 miles and still get home in time to ensure everyone else is out of bed and make it to work on-time. I haven’t read too far ahead in this plan, but I’m sure there are longer mid-week runs in my future. I already have my alarm set for 4:45, so at my pace, getting another 2 or 3 miles in before work may become a challenge. I’ll just need to work it out.

Have a great week

Training so far:

Mon – Rest Day (1.6 mile walk)
Tue – 8 miles, easy, w/ 10x100 strides, 9:07 avg pace
Wed – 3.4 miles, hills, w/ 4x400 sprints, 9:30 avg pace
Thr – 10.3 miles, easy, 9:10 avg pace


carmen said...

Right on, dude! 10 miles...that's awesome Phil.

I'm lost--what marathon are you doing?

DawnB said...

Phil, 10 miles in the morning is not bad at all when you have the time. Very nice. At my pace I need alot of time :). I should be out the door by 5:00. :) I've yet to achieve that :( since back to shcool. My ten milers have been cut by 1-2 miles.Something I constantly worried about.

Thomas said...

You're correct, there will be longer mid-week runs than that 10-miler. *smile*

I don't understand how you can think 80F is cool, but then again, I don't live in a desert.

Don't read too far ahead in the schedule. The later weeks might seem very daunting now, but since the build-up is gradual, it's definitely managable.

Btw, why don't you just run 2 5-mile loops for the 10 miler?

Dusty said...

Good luck mapping out a 10 mile course - sounds like you will need one from the schedule. Look forward to learning about your trainig plan and how you like it.

Hang in there with the early hours - I have my clock set for 4:45 as well - give ms time to hit snooze once and 10 minutes to get ready. :)

D said...

I can definitely relate to picking up the pace when someone else is around - I have to fight that urge ALL THE TIME!

Nice job on the 10-miler!

Michele said...

I HATE those mid week long runs. As it gets colder it is even harder to get up early enough to get in those kids of miles.

I can't believe you were able to pick it up to a sub 8 and pass a biker after running 9 miles.

Feminist Runner said...

The main reason I didn't commit to a marathon this fall was because of the long midweek runs. I know they are in my fugure, but maybe I hope I can get faster before I am forced into them.

That being said, you still got everyone out the door! That's really amazing. I worry about that sort of thing when I get to parenting, but seeing those of you doing it do it, does put my mind at ease.