Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A good start to the week

Not much to report this morning. I'm starting the 6th week on Pfitzinger 18 week plan and finally feel as if I'm fully recovered from my Grand Canyon hike. Ran a simple 8 miler with 8x100m striders this morning. Everything felt fine and I didn't run into any crazy SUVs.

Have a great week.

Training for the week:

Mon - Rest Day
Tue - 8 Miles, easy w/8x100m strides, 9:02/mi avg pace


Anonymous said...

No SUVs... this is a GOOD thing! :)

Feminist Runner said...

No SUVs! Are you sure you were in the US?

Anonymous said...

Phil, I took a look at the book the other day in Barnes & Noble. I know everyone is on the Plan. Seems like alot. I'm pondering if I should buy the book. Just seem like I have to figure out alot?

I'm glad you feel fully recovered from your trip. nice run today.

Renee is right SUV's is the norm and the bigger the better!! there is no getting around them!!

Jim said...

I am more interested in your comment about Vidalia being "home". Tell me more!!!

Phil said...

Jim ... Georgia is Home. I was born in Macon and have relatives throughout central and southern Georgia. Even though I lived there only a short time, I spent every summer from 1960 through 1968 in Georgia and still consider it home.

Everyone else ... I said, "... I didn't run into any crazy SUVs this morning. Good god folks, this is Arizona. We have more SUVs per square mile than any other place in the nation. I think the state issues a pickup truck with each drivers liscense.

Anonymous said...

Time's flying, isn't it? I can't believe you're on week 6 already.

Watch out for those SUVs. I had a close encounter myself last week.

Anonymous said...

"simple 8 miler" - that is a marathoner! Glad you are feeling good again!

Anonymous said...

There's probably SUV blogs that talk about hitting crazy runners and bikers. I think they get to upgrade to a large truck after every 5th incident. Stay safe, Pat