Friday, October 06, 2006

I’m all Wet

Thunderstorms rolled across the Valley this morning. Of course your macho-idiot author was, of course, fearless. I can easily see 20 miles to west from the balcony on the side of the house and the storms (and associated lightning) were at least 15 miles off in the distance. I laced on my brand-new ASICS Gel Landreths (bought them yesterday), got the dog and headed out on an easy 4 miler. I had considered wearing an older pair of shoes, but the storm was so far away, what could happen?

I reached the first bad-omen not 20' into the run when I passed a squished cat lying a few feet outside of the bike lane. Nothing like the sight of road-kill first thing in the morning. The second was a bright bolt of lightning directly south of me, perhaps two miles off. I don't know how I had missed this cell during my brief survey of the weather systems over Phoenix only minutes easry. But there ws still no rain … so why worry.

Since I was only running 4 miles, I picked up the pace to “out run” the storm. This strategy worked through the first mile, but the rain drops started somewhere along mile 2 and within a few feet, the water was pouring down on me and the dog. This storm was a actually series of large cells meandering around spitting out lighting and rain. Each cell has an abrupt edge (I call them curtains). On one side of the curtain, everything is dry, 10-15 feet into the storm cell water is pouring down as if let loose from a faucet. So although I was getting soaked on mile 2, I wasn't suprised when I ran through the edge of the rain curtain at the start of mile 3 and was back on dry pavement.

I picked up the pace again to sub 8:10 (what the heck .. only 2 miles to go) and my HR jumped from a respectable 143 to something closer to 155. With the lightning flashing all around I was anxious to get home as soon as possible. I finished up Mile 3 at 8:14 and was on the home stretch. Unfortunately, I was also back in the rain, only now the wind was blowing pretty hard, magnifying the effects of the water. I finished up the run strong with an 8:24 mile and my HR stayed up in the 150 range through the 4th mile.

This wasn't exactly an "easy" pace, but it will do.

I also had something very strange happen to my Garmin this morning. I had the thing set up to display average lap pace on each mile with the intention of slowly cranking up the pace from mile 1 through mile 4. As I started the 2nd mile it showed and avg pace of 8:35, which I could believe. The next time I looked down, it said 14:25. 14:25? I can walk at 14:25 and I knew I was running something significantly faster than 9:00 The Garmin spent the next ¾ mile slowly winding down the average pace until it finally settled on 9:11 at the end of mile 2. Miles 3 and 4 registered OK. Oh well … there is way too much technology in my life. I should go back to running with a simple digital watch.

On a personal note, my poor wife had a misshape last night involving a large steel gate controlling access to a school parking lot. It was the type of gate that rolls on a steel track. She was closing the gate for a friend and rolled one of the wheels of the gate over the big toe on her right foot; breaking the toe and ripping the toe nail clean off. I met up with her at the emergency room of a local hospital after the hospital staff had already shot her toe full of pain killers. I was not only very proud of how well she dealt with the pain (much better than I), but also her first thoughts on our drive home.

Two weeks ago she started an exercise program involving walking 30 minutes a day outside and using the elliptical trainer at LA Fitness. She has stuck to the program very well and is already showing positive results. Her first thought after leaving the hospital with her toe heavily bandaged was that she wouldn’t be able to get her foot in a shoe so that she could continue with her program. She didn’t want to backslide. Now that’s dedication. I think she'll be back at it in a few days after the swelling dies down.

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 8.0 Miles, w/ 4 miles at LT, 7:34/mi avg pace
Wed - Rest Day (over slept)
Thr - 10.8 Miles, easy, 9:09/mi avg pace
Fri – 4.1 Miles, easy, 8:35/mi avg pace


Feminist Runner said...

Ouch! Your wife must be in a good deal of pain! That's great dedication that her first thought was about her exercise plan.
We can all relate to that.

Sorry you couldn't outrun the storm -- maybe your Garmin was reacting to the electromagnetic field from the lightning? I don't know about this crazy technology. I just gave up my analog watch for a digital one while running in June!
(And now that I think about it, I saw much better results with the analog on races. I have to consider that before next week!)

DawnB said...

Phil, It never fails with me. Every time I get new shoes, some how I always get caught in the rain with them its like clock work. I remember walking away from the Ridgefield half saying to someone "it rained today because of my new shoes. I hate it when a bran new pair get wet.

I'm so sorry to hear about what happen to your wife. Good wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm sure she'll be back to her fitness routine soon.

Well happy running this weekend. And if there are any games this weekend good luck.

Michele said...

At least I did NOT run in my new shoes in my rain storm yesterday. They are still nice and white in their box.
Hope you wife recovers quickly and doesn't miss out on too much training.

Anonymous said...

Hey I heard the same thunder that you experienced. Of course, I just rolled over and went back to sleep. It didn't rain nearly as much in Chandler.

Take care.

Runningdoctor said...

I hope your wife is okay. Every time a nail is involved it's gotta be pretty painful.

Had she been a guy, they would probably have had to use more than local anesthesia....

Love2Run said...

If there's so much as a cloud in the sky my new shoes will be left in the closet. Glad you made it home safely (same storm as fast Mike). I'd recommend wine and ice-cream for the sore toe...(my regards to you better 1/2)

neese said...

i like my asiacs, good choice :-), i'm so sorry about your wife's poor piggy.

Jenny said...

Wishing your wife a speedy recovery. What a brave lady :-)

It's just Sod's Law with the trainers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil ~ (sorry i didn't have your email to respond to your comment)

the "post above" is far from nonsense, it's my husband! :) he's not a big blog fan (so hasn't opened an account) but completely supports mine and faithfully leaves comments. i was just telling him how impressed i was with his comment that he appreciates my perspective on the 2 big events going on in my life right now and how i relate the two... and
then i saw the notice of your comment about it being nonsense. LOL, we won't take it personally, there is MUCH misunderstanding on this online medium, no doubt.

Hilda said...

Sorry about your new shoes. I wonder if that was the worst of today's running in the rain!
How soon your wife is involved with walking, in my case that took time!!