Thursday, October 26, 2006

Up and Running

For the first time since spring, the air actually felt cool this morning. The wind was blowing hard at 5:00 AM and there must have been plenty of moisture in the air, because the air temperature felt a lot cooler than 63F (17C). Of course, after living in Arizona for 26 years, I get cold very easy. Even though I wondered if shorts and a short sleeve top were the wisest choice, after 2 miles I started to enjoy the cool weather.

Today was an easy aerobic 8 so I strapped on my HR monitor and hit the road before 5 AM. I didn’t wear my Garmin. First, I just don’t like to wear all this electronic equipment when I run, and second, I always get myself in trouble trying to chase HR and Pace at the same time. General aerobic runs go a whole lot better if I just wear a HR and run at a comfortable pace. The HR monitor makes sure that I don’t get too exuberant and I can’t fret about the pace.

Not wanting to push my frigid legs (yes, I’m a wimp) too hard at the beginning, the first two miles dragged by. After two miles, my HR was still below 135 so, I picked up the pace, trying to glide over the road and be soft on my feet (this must have looked real funny). I past the 3 mile mark at 27:33; a 9:11/mi average for the first 3 miles; however, I felt as if I was motoring around a whole lot faster than 9:11. My HR was up to 135, but the legs still felt fresh and breathing was solid. So I continued on with the same intensity; only 5 miles to go.

I passed the 5 miles mark at 44:xx (couldn’t read the seconds on my watch); I knew I was running somewhere under 9:00/mi. My HR was up to 139, still OK, so I had no need to slow down for the last 3 miles. I don’t have good mile marks for the last 3 miles on this course so I‘d have to wait until the end to figure out my actual average pace. I knew I was doing OK and my HR was still under 80% HRmax, within my aerobic range. So I just kept running at the same pace; although I suspect I was actually speeding up.

The course I was using this morning is has far fewer cars than other early morning routes I use and it also has two short hills along mile 5 and 8. I was still feeling pretty good on mile 8, so I charged up both hills (as much as my pace could be called charging) and let my HR do whatever it was going to do. I think it peaked out at 153 at the top of the first hill. Still not too bad. After running the first 3 miles at a 9:11/mi average, I ran the last 5 at a 8:20 average.

Side note (not running related). My wife went back to the gym this afternoon for the first time since running a steel gate over her toe 3 weeks ago. Her orthopedic doctor gave her the all clear to start exercising again yesterday. Her toe is still missing a nail and the wound is still very sore and bandaged, but she managed to slip on her running shoes and headed for the elliptical trainer. She ran on the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes, covering 2.44 miles. My youngest daughter has another ankle sprain and can’t participate at soccer practice for at least another week, so she went along with us to use the stationary bike. As for me, I just sat in the lobby of LA Fitness and worked on my blog. My daughter called me a “slack ass”

Training for the week:

Mon - Rest Day
Tue - 8 Miles, easy w/8x100m strides, 9:02/mi avg pace
Wed – 5 Miles, recovery, 9:08/mi avg pace
Thr – 8 miles, easy, 8:39/mi avg pace


Runningdoctor said...

Nice report (for a slack ass).

Lana said...

haha - slack ass!! Too funny! Nice job on the run, and glad you're wife is doing better. Hope your daughter is better soon!

Feminist Runner said...

Wow, that's an amazingly good run for such a slackass, Phil. Way to slack. And in such freezing cold! Could you see your breath?!?!

I'm glad your wife is recovering and I hope your daughter follows suit. A whole injured family would get mighty grumpy really fast.

You're on with your deal. I am going to the gym tomorrow morning, since I was planning to try running and now they are calling for torrential downpours pushing me off until Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how fast one's blood will thin when living in Arizona. I'm the first one to put on a sweater out here - still hasn't thickend up - I'm a wuss. Slack ass - that is a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

oh - meant to say - that is great that your wife's foot is on the mend. Sounds so painful. Now that woman gets a free pass from being called a slack ass!

Anonymous said...

Next time she calls you a slack ass, drag her along for your next run.

D said...

Even though you probably were looking forward to the cooler temps - it does take some getting used to. Great HR reads. You're in good shape. Good news on your wife. I like Thomas's suggestion!

Mike said...

Nice work Phil. I really do think Pfitz's schedule is fool-proof, just stick to it. You might even inspire me to dig out the old heart rate monitor one of these days.