Thursday, November 16, 2006

All's quiet in north Phoenix

The crazies must have stayed in bed this morning. Whereas yesterday, the streets were filled with activity at an ungodly hour of the morning; today, things were incredibly quiet. Nothing - no gun shots, no thuggish looking individuals skulking around, no whack-jobs on bicycles - nothing. One jogger and a couple of people walking dogs were about all I saw.

On the running front, I did a 6 mile recovery run with my black lab. I started out very slow at a 9:30/mi pace and worked up to an 8:45/mi pace on the last mile. I’ve got two more easy 6 mile runs planned for Friday and Saturday leading up to my first difficult run of this training cycle – 15 miles with 12 at MP. I know I can bang out a 15 miler without difficulty …. Keeping up MP will be the challenge.

Hope your week is going well

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest
Tue – 6.2 miles, recovery, 9:12/mi avg pace
Wed – 14.9 miles, medium-long, 9:02/mi avg pace
Thr – 6.2 miles, recovery, 9:04/mi avg pace


Mike said...

All right, I gotta know. What are you figuring for marathon pace at this juncture? These are tough runs, I'd take Pfifz at his word on definitely going easy tomorrow. I'll be suffering right along with you, but I only have to do 6 measly miles at pace.

tb1 said...

You're having a great running week Phil. I'm doing 20 on Saturday morning. I'll probably be getting up around 4:30 a.m. because my son has a flag football game at 9 a.m. and I help coach. Your times look excellent. Good luck.

Lana said...

Great job - and thanks for all the advice you give me...keep it coming!!! Goodluck on the 12 miles at marathon pace!

That's funny about the crazies - haha, the only person I ever see while out running in the wee hours is Michele!

Anonymous said...

When that beagle ran with me last week, I thought about you and your dog. It was fun to run with a dog, wish my dog could run more then a mile.
Good luck on your 12 at MP!! What is your goal MP??

Anonymous said...

I do remember my first long MP run on the Pfitz program. I was quite nervous beforehand, but I really enjoyed it when it came along, and it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. You'll enjoy it too, but follow Mike's advice and take it easy before that run.

Yvonne said...

whoa - your running 'hood sounded a little scary yesterday! nice work this week.

Anonymous said...

I need a running dog! Glad it was quieter today.

D said...

I like quiet and uneventful during a run!