Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crazies Everywhere

The crazies were everywhere this morning. I must have past at least 5 guys shuffling aimlessly down the side walk, hands in pockets with hoods over their heads. When I run into someone walking around by themselves at 4:00 AM, my head fills with negative thoughts concerning what they’re up to. I also heard several gun shots this morning. Nothing too terribly close, but still unnerving. Finally, I ran across a truly bizarre individual wondering around north Phoenix in the pre-dawn hours. Out of the dark, I hear someone screaming obscenities. I can barely make out a bicycle slowly riding towards me. As the rider gets closer, I can see him turning around as he screams out yet another string of curse words. His phraseology isn’t terrible eloquent, but I can tell he is thoroughly pissed at who ever he imagines is trailing behind him. He rode by me without comment and of course, there was no one behind him.

Despite the numerous distractions I did bang out a pleasant 15 miler this morning. The Pfitz plan called out 14 miles, but I pushed it out to 14.9 since each “5 mile” loop I use for most of my long runs is actually 4.97 miles. It just made sense to keep going until I completed the last lap.

Lap Averages:

Miles 1 – 5 > 9:03/mi avg pace
Miles 6 – 10 > 9:04/mi avg pace
Miles 11 – 15 > 8:59/mi avg pace
Overall Average Pace = 9:02/mi

Although the average pace for each lap was fairly constant (at least as constant as I could make it) I did find myself struggling along mile 8. I wasn’t tired or fatigued, but my legs started feeling heavy. I pushed to increase the pace and the feeling went away after 10 minutes and I got back in the groove again. On the last 5 mile lap, I picked up a water bottle I’d left along the road and found myself slowing down considerably as I tried to drink from the bottle and run at the same time (and watch for cars and crazies along the road). I was 22 seconds off a 9:00/mi avg pace as I passed 4 mile mark on the last lap and had to hustle along on the last mile to make up the difference. Since I have a hill on mile 5, 10 and 15, it’s always a challenge to make up time going up hill.

After running 18 miles last Wednesday and 15 miles this morning, my legs are starting to get accustomed to medium-long runs mid-week. Who would have thunk it? Unfortunately, I had a teleconference at 7:00 AM this morning and I needed to get my daughter off to school by 7:30, so I had to roll out of bed at 3:45 AM to squeeze in this run. I certainly hope you are getting more sleep.


carmen said...

whoa--3:45?! if that' s not commitment, I don't know what it is! Insanity? haha

I'm glad you're making progress on your mid week runs now. Great job!

D said...

I think I would've packed it in when I heard gunshots - I know I would've packed in in and headed for the treadmill after the crazy biker rode past. Nice job getting that run in!

Anonymous said...

Must have been a full moon Phil, crazies almost always comes out during a full moon :) or do you think the 15mins made that much of a difference:)

Phil, what time do you go to bed that you are able to get out there that early?

Execellent consistancy with the miles. I know you probally get tired of me saying how well you are doing but you sure are!!

Nice Run!!

Anonymous said...

3:45! With gunshots! That's commitment. I can't believe you ran that long, that early. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Ack, Phil...the crazies are scary to me. I am leary of everyone when I am out running but the crazies are really something to watch out for. Great job on your early morning run!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the advice on warming up.

Anonymous said...

You got up at 3:45 am to run 15 miles, and you think the OTHER guys are crazy?

But I have to admit, that's definitely dedication to the highest degree.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if that guy went home and had a conversation with himself about some crazy dude who just ran past him at 3:45 in the morning with nobody chasing him.

Good workout.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I can't call you crazy for running at 3:45 am since I have done it myself but at least I was the only crazy out. Be careful.
Great job on the run.