Sunday, November 26, 2006

Doing the Double

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend in California, but finally got home this afternoon after driving across the desert with what seemed to be ½ the population of the Arizona. My daughter’s soccer tournament turned out about as expected considering the competition. They started off playing a team from Northern California ranked 41st in the country on Friday morning and beat them 2 : 0. Not a bad start, but Friday afternoon, they played the # 1 team in the country (this team has won the national championship in their age group the last two years). Our girls played a tough game, but lost 0 : 2. Although they did have a final game on Saturday morning, the tournament was essentially over.

I snuck in a 5 miler before the Saturday morning game; a pleasant out and back in the hills north of Irvine. I kept the pace too high up the hill and paid for it with sore calf muscles afterwards. However, when the temperature is in the low 60s, the sun is out and the birds are chirping, it’s hard not to over due it. In the afternoon we drove 60 miles south to Carlsbad California and I made a quick decision to run my Sunday 14 miler on Saturday afternoon. We were leaving for Arizona before 7AM on Sunday and I knew there was no way I’d want to run 14 miles after driving 400 miles home. And what the heck, 14 miles along the coast can’t be all that though.

The first 6 miles went well, although holding an 8:40/mi pace was probably too fast. Then again, the sun is out, the waves are crashing onto the shore, there are people, cars and bikes everywhere; what’s a guy to do? For the first 4 files, I ran north through Carlsbad along Highway 101 soaking in the circus along the shore and then turned around at Carlsbad Village Drive to head south again. As I got to the south end of Carlsbad, I started to feel the effects of too much beer the night before and the fast 5 miler in the morning and I tell that I was dehydrating quickly. I finally found a liquor store on mile 10 and bought a 32 oz water bottle (why is there a Circle K on every corner expect when you need one?). The water helped, but my pace never recovered. I really struggled along the last 4 miles. This was probably the worse medium long I’ve run in quite a while

I’m heading to Seattle on Monday morning, so my blogging will continue to be erratic until the end of this week. The trip has already started on a low note. I couldn’t get my boarding pass printed from home, which means I need to stand in line at the US Air counter tomorrow morning to get a boarding pass. That should be fun.

I hope you all have a great week of running.

Mon – Rest Day (recovering from my MP run on Sunday)
Tue – 10.4 miles w/6 x 600m @ 6:43/mi avg pace (go team!)
Wed – 8.0 miles, easy, 8:52/mi avg pace
Thr - 8.0 miles, easy w/8x100m strides, 8:39/mi avg pace
Fri - Rest Day
Sat (Morning) – 5.0 miles, easy, 8:43/mi avg pace
Sat (Afternoon) – 14.9 miles, medium-long, 8:55/mi avg pace
Sun – Driving Day

Total mileage for the week: 46.4 miles


Lana said...

Great job on the runs, Phil. I wasn't feeling so well for my run Saturday either. Holidays really mess with my pace!!

Have fun and be safe in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you did really well considering you did a double, on the road, with the long run in the afternoon. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't wait to see where the "I finally found a liquor store.." was going. Disappointed it was just water.

Two runs in one day?? I would say you did grat just to finish them both.

Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

US Air, oh no!!!I've had too many experiences with them. Great job on the runs!!what a weekend with the girls!! I'm pretty sure I've heard awful weather stories about Seattle this evening. Hope you din't get caught in any of it!!