Monday, November 06, 2006

Help wanted

I need some more help (so what's new?)
I have a 10k on Sunday, but the Pfitzinger Plan has me running a 20 miler on the same day. Since a won't give up a long run, I need to rearrange my schedule and could use your sage advice.

The plan for this week is:
Tue - 6 miles, recovery
Wed - 12 miles, Medium-long
Thr - Rest
Fri - 11 miles w/ 6 miles at 7:40/mi
Sat - 5 miles, recovery
Sun - 20 miles, long

II thought that I'd rearrange the week as follows:
Tue - 6 miles, recovery
Wed - 12 miles, medium-long
Thr - 20 miles, long
Fri - 5 miles, recover
Sat - Rest
Sun - 11 miles w/10k at 7:10/mi pace

Any thoughts?



Mike said...

Wow, I actually had to find my Pfitzinger book for this one. I'm guessing your at "week 10" here, though I might have an older edition. My first thought would be for you to evaluate how you're feeling after a day off (after a mean 18 miler). If you're feeling pretty good, you might consider making tomorrow 10 or so at an easy pace, then do your 6 recovery with strides on Wednesday, followed by long on Thursday, 5 recovery Friday and either off or a few miles easy Saturday (if you can't stand the thought of dropping those two miles from the 12 miler).

The other thing I might consider (just to make things even more complicated) is reversing the order of weeks 9 and 8. I say this because when I look at the cumulative stress of your first 20 miler, a 10K race, a 14 mile medium long run and a 15 miler with 12 at MP all in a 10 day span I worry that it could just be too much to recover from. Switching that recovery week up one could break things up and get you feeling good before tacking that difficult "week 9". Just a thought.

You could always skip the race too depending on what it means to you. This cycle I ended up skipping the only race I'd ever won for this very reason. While it was tough to miss at the time, I'm quite glad now that I did let it go.

Phil said...

Mike ... thanks for the input. I feel pretty good right now; although I'm glad I had a rest day today. Also, I ran my first 20 miler on week 13 substituting a 17 miler with a 20.25 miles. I think I can do another 20 miler this week without adding too much more stress.

My long runs for the last 8 weeks:

11/05 - 18.0 miles
10/28 - 20.2 miles
10/21 - 12.5 miles (bonked)
10/13 - 20.9 miles (Grand Canyon)10/08 - 14.0 miles
10/01 - 10.4 (8K in Tucson)
09/23 - 18.0 miles

This 10K means a lot to me. It was the first 10K I ever ran and I haven't missed one since I started running. I don't mind going out and running it as a LT run and not pushing for another PR .. but I really want to be there. I need to make sure that I don't over do it and wipe out next week. I have some confidence in that I ran 50 miles the week after my last 10K PR in September.

Ewen said...

You have two long runs back to back which is not ideal. That could drag the recovery out, so that, in spite of a rest day, you still don't race well on Sunday.

I would run short and easy Wednesday (3-5 miles) so as to do a good 20 on Thursday. Don't worry if the total miles for the week is down a bit.

Mike said...

Sorry Phil, I should have said "first scheduled 20 miler" (I had my nose in the book). With two 20's and two 18's you are definitely setting yourself up well for Carlsbad.

Jim said...

The 12 and 20 on consecutive days sounds like a setup for failure or worse, damage.

I noticed that you do not show the following Mondays. Could you spread your mileage between Saturday and Monday? I have not fully studied the plan you are on but most other plans allow you to shift mileage to accommodate races. Maybe something like this . . .

Tues-6 recovery
Wed-14 Med Long
Sat-6 recovery
Sun-Race 10K + 10 very easy
Mon-rest or

Sun-Race 10k + 6 very easy
Mon-4 recovery

I think something like that would allow you to get your miles in but may not be the type of miles you want.

Thanks for the comments about my trip and I am trying to get Susan to start her own blog!

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar problem for a 5k back in July, and basically re-arranged my week to look remarkably similar to your planned week. It worked for me, and I guess it should work for you too.

In addition, you could chop 2 miles off the 20 miler, and add them on to an 18 mile run later in the schedule (sorry, I haven't got the book with me). That's what I did for my half-marathon in September, and again, it worked for me.

Another possibility, you could take it easy this week without a long run, to ensure you will be well rested for the race. Then pump up the long run of the following week to 20 miles instead.

tb1 said...

Hi Phil,
I picked up your blog from Mike's site. I say screw it and just go with the schedule you have including the race. You are about 2 years older than I am and we have very similar times. From what I can tell it appears that we also took up running around the same time. My point is, considering that you may not have done all that much endurance running in your youth, your body and joints are probably in pretty good shape. To get to your next level of performance you are going to have to push through a whole new threashold of discomfort. Personally I've been trying to find a level of fitness right between discomfort and injury. I don't think I'm anywhere close to the injury thing. But at our age it is something you probably don't want to find out. You may surprise yourself and hit that new PR. I'm doing the New Times 10K on Sunday and I'm shooting for a 7:13/mi. The difference in our training right now is that your marathon is earlier than mine (PFChangsR&R). Just my two cents. Good luck whatever you decide.

Mike said...

Tony, you and Phil should be running together, you might share the same zip code.

Chad said...

Nice blog! One option would be to do both. Park about 7 miles from the race start (I'm assuming you are doing New Times). Run the 7 miles to the start line at your long distance training pace, then run the 10k at marathon race pace, then run the 7 miles back to your car at long distance training pace. You get your 20 miles run in, get to do the race and get a long distance tempo workout to boot. Just a thought...