Monday, November 20, 2006

Nothing much about nothing

It’s 88F (31C) again in Phoenix this afternoon. My calendar keeps saying mid-November, but it feels more like mid-September. The low this morning was 75F (24C). The jet stream usually moves way south this time of year dragging cooler artic air our way. This year, the jet stream is staying 1000 miles north of here and as a result our friends in the Pacific North West are getting bombarded with rain while we're baking in the south. I spoke with a couple of folks on my team in Redmond Washington this morning. One can’t get to his cabin because a river has overflowed and is now running where the road once was. The other had a tree tip over and crash through part of his roof (his neighbor clocked the winds at 70 MPH on a home based meteorology center). Top that off with the weather Thomas has had to put up with in Ireland as well as Lana's experiences this past week in Tennessee and I’d say that many of us are suffering through some pretty miserable running conditions.

I have nothing of any note to report running-wise. Monday is my traditional rest day, so I just lounged around the house all day ... we'll I didn't exactly lounge around. I had intended to take the entire week off, but spent the better part of the day working 2007 financial projections instead (don’t you just love this time of the year). However, Tony was nice enough to forward pictures from the New Times 10K last week. Since he has yet to start his own blog (ready to take the plunge Tony?), I thought I’d take the opportunity to post pictures of those of us that were at the race.


This is me at the start of the race ... still looking comfortable.

This is me after 44 minutes of running. I thought I was running relaxed, but you wouldn't know it from this picture. The women in the black shorts with the white stripe is the person some of you so crudely accused me of ogling.

Tony looking cool and relaxed.

This is my buddy Bill to the left in this picture. Bill isn't technically a blogger, but he is a good friend of mine. Once again, he beat me; this time by 20 seconds. Bill is my age, so I don't have the usual excuses for not keeping up with him.

Carmen working hard to break 60 minutes in the 10K.

Ann running pain free in the 10K

Pat breaking his old PR in the 5K. This guy is going to be a contender in a year or so. I've never seen anyone make the type of progress he's made over the past 3 months. He started out running to loose weight (sound familiar) and now seems to be loosing weight to run better. Pat ran a 34:00 5K at 234 lbs. He'll need flame retardant on his shoes when he gets below 200.

Lisa pushing hard in her 1st 5K. Another runner is born.

I'm sorry if I missed anyone. Have a great week running.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

cool pics! that's awesome that there are so many Phx running bloggers.

tb1 said...

Both you and Mike have prodded me to blog. I'm seriously thinking about it, but I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone if I couldn't blog for a week or more. Now that sounds like a pretty lame excuse. Like I told Mike, I probably just don't want to be held accountable. I'll probably do it. You running guys are a fun read and it sounds like others enjoy it also.

Phil said...

Tony ... there are folks like Mike (from New Brunswick) who write a great blogs and only post once a week. Other bloggers, such as Renee, take a minimalist approach to blogging, posting almost every day with posts as short as a single sentence fragment (she just cracks me up). So take the plunge and see where your blog takes you. I find it hard to cheat when I know I need to publish my performance every day. Plus, I get great feedback from a plethora of people I would have never met if not for this medium

Anonymous said...

Phil, you're making me blush.

But, some ogling advice, never ever pass the person you are ogling. Even if you are a parent (or a teacher) you don't actually have eyes in the back of your head.

Mike said...

Get on it Tony, you'll soon be hooked. "One of us, one of us" (zombie chorus). Phil, you are looking good in the photos, though dropping the shoulders a bit might help over 26.2. I hesitate to even mention this after the chorus of critics worked my form over after posting a mid-run pic.

So, are you "trotting" in Tucson this Thursday?