Monday, November 27, 2006

Seattle Interuptus

You just gott’a love US Air. Their web-site wouldn't issue me a boarding pass, so I headed down to the airport in Phoenix this morning sans boarding pass. Once I got to the US Air check-in desk I was able to get a boarding pass, but I still didn’t have a seat. I got through security without a problem and headed to the gate, found a power outlet to plug in my computer and waited for a US Air Gate Agent to show up and see what we needed to do to get me a seat.

Once the Gate Agent arrived it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going anywhere; at least I wasn’t going anywhere comfortably on this flight. The flight was horribly oversold and the prospect of flying packed into coach for 3 hours didn't seem that appealing. I ended getting bumped off the flight and rearranged for a repeat performance on Tuesday morning. I then called my admin to rearrange my hotel and rental car, called the folks in Redmond and rescheduled my Monday afternoon discussions and watched my flight depart without me.

This was probably a better arrangement anyway since I still had a lot to get done in Phoenix, except it meant that I now needed to squeeze a 6 miler on Tuesday morning before leaving for the airport at 6:00 AM. That just wasn’t going to happen. So instead of waiting for a Tuesday I ran my 6 miler after dinner tonight. I wouldn’t recommend this. There is a reason I run in the morning. It’s oh so very controlled. I roll out of bed before the normal people get up and finish just as they start rushing off to work. My stomach is empty and I’m well rested.

Running after dinner meant I had deal with my largest meal of the day trying settle in my stomach and semi-coherent drivers pulling out of every side street without a care in to the world and no thought of looking right before turning right. Lots of fun. My stomach got tighter and tighter over the first 3 miles, but started to settle out as I started the 4th mile. (I knew I shouldn’t have eating that cheese cake). Since I had 6x100m stride-outs to complete, I decided to cram them all into the back end of the 4th mile.

Amazingly, my legs just took off as I started the first stride-out. I felt as if I was simply floating above the ground, not even conscious of my feet hitting the pavement. I pulled back after 100m and continued at my usual pace for 30 seconds and started the next stride-out. I finished the first 5 before the end mile 4 and finished off the set on mile 5. Pretty good night run. Hope your week goes well.

Training for the week:

Mon: 6.2 miles w/ 6x100m strides, 8:34/mi avg pace


bapp said...

It may have been good to have your trip postponed. Up here in the Seattle area tonight, we are getting several inches of snow - even in the low lying/city areas, and the roads are jammed due to a lot of accidents. You may enjoy running in the snow when you get up here.

Ewen said...

Snow in Seattle! We missed that.

Running on a full stomach isn't much fun - you did well to get the session in Phil - even doing the strides (they sounded good).

Mike said...

I'm a morning guy too, and I've never been able to solve the after-dinner-run problem. Then again I've never tried a run post-cheesecake! Hope you have a good trip.

Ann Ewbank said...

thanks for the comments on my blog, Phil.

Bloglines has dropped links for me too.

Glad you're doing well. Will you be able to run in the Seattle SNOW?! That Seahawks game was crazy!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oof, sounds like you handled the change in plans well!

stephruns said...

Hi Phil-

how did you prepare for this adventure race? Did you do a lot of canoeing and biking before?

Anonymous said...

You ran on cheesecake, man? Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

You may have a future in the circus, Phil. Between the running trapeez act, the schedule juggling and the fire...err...cheese cake eating you pretty much have it all covered. The question is can you grow a beard and ride a unicycle??

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an adventure!! Glad you got your run in even with the cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have better luck today with your travels. Nice job getting your run in. I don't think I'm a morning person anymore. Because when I run in the evening I feel much more energized.