Friday, November 03, 2006

Sleepy time

I took today off as a vacation to burn up some unused vacation time which meant I didn’t need to get up as early as usual. Instead, I set my alarm to 6:30, got my youngest daughter out of bed, took her to school, came home, laid down on the bed and talked with my wife as she was getting ready to head to California for the weekend and fell asleep. I finally got up at 9:30 and went out for an easy 5 mile recovery run. It certainly is nice running mid-morning during the week.

On a non-running note, my youngest daughter made her high school’s varsity soccer team today as a freshman.

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest Day
Tue – 10.3 miles, w/ 5 miles @ 7:41/mi, 8:41/mi avg pace
Wed – 4.1 miles, recovery, 9:18/mi avg pace
Thr – 11.0 miles, medium-long, 8:28/mi avg
Fri – 5.1 miles, recovery, 8:54/mi avg pace


Mike said...

Congrats to your daughter for making Varsity as a freshman. Looks like plenty more tournaments are in your future.

Looks like we're both playing Mr. Mom for awhile.

Feminist Runner said...

Glad you got a vacation day! Congrats to your daughter, quite an accomplishment.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a great day. Congrats to your daughter.

D said...

Hmmm. . . sleeping in and then getting up for a run. Nice! Kudos to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

And who said there's no athletes in your family? Tell your daughter congrats!

Hey, I do really really appreciate your comments on my blog. I wish I could give you words of wisdom too. But, for now as a newbie I'll just have to take and take and take. Thanks.

And I was kiddin' about the athlete thing. You are a athlete and I enjoy you blog.

Arizona, USA
(having trouble commenting, because of beta. but, following all my favorite blogs)