Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Morning

I had to drive from Carlsbad California to Irvine California (55 miles up the coast, 55 miles back) get my soccer team checked in for a post-Thanksgiving tournament. Why anyone would require a Thanksgiving morning tournament check-in (especially for out-of-state teams) is a total mystery to me. But there I was racing up the coast at 8:00 AM in the morning and fighting traffic on the way back at 9:30. In typical SoCal fashion, I drove 110 miles to spend 4 minutes sitting front of a tournament official as he check my team’s travel papers, player cards, birth certificates and medical release forms.

Once I got back to Carlsbad, I changed into my running gear and headed out for another crack at Palomar Airport Road. This time I visualized pulling myself up the steepest part of the hill using a rope. Seemed to work. I held a much better pace and got to the top of hill without feeling gassed. My overall average pace for the run was considerably faster than yesterday; improving from 8:52/mi to 8:39/mi.

I also added 8x100m strides on the return leg. Today, I crammed all 8 strides into a two mile segment of the run, running the first 6 on a flat spot on mile 6 with a 1 minute break between each stride and completing the process with the last 2 on the first flat spot I found on mile 7. All in all, a very good run.

Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day and I doubt that I’ll have the time to find an internet connection required to read your blogs. I’ll be back on Sunday and promise to catch up with everyone. In the mean time, I hope you all have a great weekend.

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest Day (recovering from my MP run on Sunday)
Tue – 10.4 miles w/6 x 600m @ 6:43/mi avg pace (go team!)
Wed – 8.0 miles, easy, 8:52/mi avg pace
Thr - 8.0 miles, easy w/8x100m strides, 8:39/mi avg pace


Anonymous said...

Great job with the run, Phil. I love the visualization technique and am glad to hear it really worked. I can't believe that they made you register for a soccer tournament on Thanksgiving morning! Sounds like a lack of foresight and judgement on the part of the organizers to do it that way.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy thanksgiving!

Ewen said...

That second 8 mile run was a lot quicker Phil - whatever you did worked. I hope the hamstring is behaving.

Some officials just love making it difficult.

Mike said...

It's great you have the opportunity to run some of the tough spots of the marathon course beforehand. Enjoy the weekend in California, it's finally cooling off again a bit here.

Anonymous said...

You didn't just run to the packet pick-up and back?

I like that visualization -- I've been working on hill visualization a bit but I have a tough time finding a long enough hill to get it really going. I could take the subway to the park but I am just way too lazy for that.
Course planners never have a hard time finding hills for me to climb, though.

Hope you had a good weekend and a good tourney!

Yvonne said...

hope you managed to enjoy your thanksgiving in spite of all that driving!
nice running!