Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where's my Walker

Thanks for the help yesterday (and today). I’ve rearranged my calendar to accommodate your recommendations as follows:

Mon – Rest
Tue – 10 miles, easy
Wed – 18 miles, long
Thr – 5 miles, recovery
Fri – 6 miles recovery w/strides, recovery
Sat – Rest
Sunday – 10K race (at 7:10/mi)

This is plan will cut my total mileage for the week down to the 50 mile range, but should allow me to get in all the runs I need to do and give me a fighting chance on making a show of it on Sunday. I’ll add a few miles to my long run next week to get up to 20 again.

The 10 miler this morning was actually a recovery/easy combo. I had some trouble getting the legs moving at 5:00 AM, passing the first mile mark just under 10:00. Shortly thereafter, I stepped off the curb, caught the front of my right foot on the asphalt and did a passable shoulder roll back up on my feet. It took a few seconds to gather my wits (and look around for my walker) before I continued the slow shuffle down the street. I actually had a car slowly roll by to check out the old guy. I assume they were prepared to help should I have failed to right myself. I did scrape up the outside of my right knee a little; fortunately it’s nothing serious.

I felt my pace picking up after 2 miles and by the time I’d got past the 3 mile marker, I was back up to speed. I completed the first 5 mile lap without further incident and managed to get around the 2nd 5 mile lap without falling again. Once I got home and actually computed the pace based on my splits, I realized how sluggish I was at first. Regardless of the pace however, the nice thing about increasing my running volume is that I can now go out and run 10 miles without thinking about it (aside from stepping off curbs ... I need to practice that move some more). That wouldn't have happened 6 months ago.

Splits for this morning:

Miles 1-5 Average Pace: 9:27/mi
Miles 6 – 10 Average Pace: 8:59/mi

Thanks again for your kind responses. Hope all is going well with your running this week.

Training for the week:

Mon – Rest (very much needed)
Tue – 10 miles, recovery/easy – 9:12/mi avg pace


Hilda said...

How nice to be able to improve your avg pace over the last miles, hope I can do that someday. :)

tb1 said...

Are you doing the NEW TIMES 10K? Let me know. Maybe we can meet there. I'm in Scottsdale near Desert Mt. HS.

Phil said...

I'm running in the New Times 10K. More to follow

Feminist Runner said...

You improved your pace after the fall, right? Instead of just going home? Wow, that's stamina!