Sunday, December 03, 2006

20 Miles across the U of A

Who would have thought you could run 20 miles and stay on the U of A campus. Somehow I managed to do it. I left the Marriott just off Campus at 6:55 AM with a cup of decaf in hand and walked over to campus using the coffee to take some of the morning chill out of the air. I think the morning low was around 40F but I was still dressed as if the temperature was closer to 30F (I’m a real wimp when it comes to cold weather). Once I got the coffee in me, I start off jogging around the same course used for the Jim Click, Rock ‘n Run 8K this past October. I ran the course backward so the few times I had to run on real streets, I could keep myself facing what little traffic was out on Sunday morning.

The first 10 miles sailed by without issue, but shortly thereafter, the wind picked up. In a matter of minutes what was a cool but calm morning turned into a wind tunnel. The wind was blowing so hard that the flags were standing straight out, dead palm fronds were blowing out of trees and trash was sailing down the street. Real “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas weather”. The funniest thing I saw blowing down the street was an empty 12 pack of “bud light”. The box wasn’t tumbling, it was just sailing inches above the asphalt. Don’t know why I thought this was funny, but it seem to be emblematic of a college town.

Running definitely got harder in the wind. Running into the wind felt like I was trudging up a 6% grade. At one point, a gust hit me so hard that I actually stopped and felt as if I was going backwards (I think I was still moving forward). When I was running across the wind, I got blown every which way and my legs knocked into each other while I was trying to keep my balance. But, running down wind was a blast. Talk about flying down the street.

I wore my Garmin this morning and measured the course afterwards using the Course Measurement function in RunningAhead. The Garmin measure 20 miles exactly. RunningAhead put the course at 20.44. So, the average pace was either 8:56/mi or 8:45/mi. Either way, this was my fastest 20 mile to date.

If you have chance, go over and congratulate Mike and Michele. Both had marathon PR performances this weekend.

Training for the week:


Mon: 6.2 miles w/ 6x100m strides, 8:34/mi avg pace
Tue: 12.0 miles, easy, 9:01/mi avg pace
Wed: Travel Day
Thr: Rest Day
Fri: 12.3 miles w/7 miles @ 7:39/mi, 8:18/mi avg pace
Sat: 5.1 miles, recovery, 9:08/mi avg pace
Sun: 20.4 miles, long, 8:45/mi avg pace

Mileage for the week: 56.0 miles


Anonymous said...

Great job on your 20 miles! I also would have gotten a chuckle out of the blowing 12 pack. I expect nothing else from those Wildcats. ;>)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the 20 miler. I had a run in wind like that last winter and all I did was complain.
Not you, you found humor in it. You rock!

Thanks for the shout out on my marathon. I am still wallowing in disappointment.

I tried to stay with the 4:00 pace guy, I knew he was running fast so I ended up slowing down to try to get cloer to actual pace. That is why the first miles were run too fast.

Thanks for all your support. You always have great advice.

Jim said...

Looking at your weekly mileage it looks like your in very good shape and ready to take on the world! Congrats on the 20 miler, especially when the adverse conditions kicked in! I am really impressed with the Friday, Saturday, Sunday stretch. All I can say is "wow"! Keep it up.

Mike said...

The paces definitely keep coming down on the 20 milers, which is really a good sign. My wife said the wind here yesterday was absolutely horrible. As for the exact pace, I did lose a little faith in my own Garmin after the marathon read 26.3 miles. That last .1 is the killer!

Yvonne said...

nice work! i hate wind. it's by far the worst weather condition to run in...

thanks for all your advice on my blog - really appreciate it :)

Hilda said...

That sounds so easy and nice in your words, wish I will be again talking about long runs :)

Si me dices que escriba en espanol debe ser porque tu lo entiendes, sera porque en tu zona hay mucha gente de habla hispana, no?
Que agradable poder comunicarme con alguien en el blog en espanol!

Gracias siempre por tus comentarios interes y motivacion!!

D said...

What a great 20 miler you did despite the wind. This is a good indication of your fitness level and should boost your confidence for your marathon!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite a 20-miler...and to run your fastest 20 in those conditions. Pretty impressive. Sounds like your training has really taken shape. Keep it up!

carmen said...

That kind of weather, my friend, is just an ordinary day in almost any reservation town on Navajoland. hehe Only, minus having sand grains caking your mouth like tartar.

Awesome pace for such a long run! How do you fuel along the way?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job in the long run -- indeed, those were tough conditions! You've had a variety of those lately and you're getting better for 'em.

Anonymous said...

great job Phil nice run every day you amaze me more. You have really adapted well to this training. It's wonderful to run in different weather conditions, you never now what race day will be like.

Ewen said...

That's a good 20 miler in gale force winds Phil. Don't know how anyone could drink a 12-pack of Bud - that's got to be the worst beer in America!

Anonymous said...

Very well done, Phil. I just had a similar (but much shorter) run in similar conditions, and once I nearly tripped myself up when the wind came in from the side and my legs knocked into each other.

Darrell said...

that's a darn respectable pace for a 20 miler. Good one.

I just went through SeaTac today, conditions have improved considerably.